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Slight detour

PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 6:44 pm
by BecksvH
This walk is not for the weak hearted. It starts you off on an incline immediately, and with no warm up, we did struggle. The first 'pit stop' at Loch Brandy was well worth it though, since we enjoyed dangling our feet into the freezing cold water and snacking on some fruit. Continuing the walk, we decided to hike up behind the lock on the right, rather than the left, and thus struggled to find the path to the second loch (hence the title). That incline was just as tough but with the view down onto Lock Brandy, its really enjoyable. The way down we decided to take the route we were meant to take up (if you look down onto Loch Brandy, on its left), and that really is a fun path. Not to be recommended to those of weak ankles of knees, but definitely makes you feel like a little mountain goat.