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Meall nam Maigheach - before the snow

PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2021 12:27 pm
by Strathlassie
We'd been staying a few days in Glasgow and decided to go up this hill on the way home. Once we'd passed the parking for the Ptarmigan Ridge and Ben Lawers, there wasn't a car to be seen.

We parked near the green hut, as the SMC guide suggested and headed in the direction of the stone wall. This took us across tussocky wet grass and a couple of peat bogs. Once at the stone wall, the going was much easier - there was a faint path for a start. We soon reached the snow line (it had snowed the previous day) but there wasn't much about. It was a very easy straightforward walk up to the summit cairn where we had lunch! Great views all around. On the way down we followed the stone wall all the way to the road, It was a lot drier than going up. In fact there was a small parking space near the bottom where we could have parked.

Back in the car and heading towards Glen Lyon, we came across a distraught couple who had just helped a sheep give birth to a dead lamb; the sheep couldn't stand up. So in the valley we went looking for the local farmer who could deal with the situation more capably than the four of us could! I'm glad we walked the hill when we did as there has been a huge snowfall overnight and we wouldn't have been able to access the hill. We would have been stuck in the city with the cafes and bars!!