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Cow-free Craiglich

PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2021 4:12 pm
by KatTai
Finally made it back round to do Craiglich! The previous time which was a couple of years ago there were cows in the field so I went elsewhere, yesterday though the gates were open as the farmer was doing work in the field and there were no cows (I did have a plan B if there were cows there).

No issues with parking, the layby was empty when I got there and only had one car there when I got back. Very easy route following the track up, turning at a cairn in the forest, and following the track across heather to the summit. We looked in danger of being caught in one of the downpours that could be seen cutting across the surrounding landscape, but aside from a few drops avoided getting caught out in the rain.

New hill to add to the list for all of us, at just over an hour to do and a nice gentle ascent it was perfect for Moss who had a physio appointment later on in the afternoon for her spondylosis.