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loch brandy, glenclova

PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2021 5:40 pm
by Spaghettihoops
Apologies in advance for any spelling and grammer mistakes and exclude the Ben Tirran starting point in title, I clicked the walk closest to ours...I was too excited after my exhilarating hike! What a walk! Started off at the car park near Glen Clova hotel and quickly showed I needed to up my game with fitness, I have completed 4 Munros so far in two years...but this lockdown business surely had an impact when it came to climbing up to the snub as only done flat hikes during the last year. This is a steep incline path up to the snub after you take in the spectaculer view of Loch Brandy. The sun was out and part way you felt the heat for sure but as you neared the loch you could feel a welcoming fresh breeze, some parts were boggy once you got above the snub but there are some places that were hard enough to walk across without sinking ankle deep. Four of us in tow including a friendly pooch which did very well up the steep path leading upto the top of the snub, so if you plan to take your dog with you, it should manage but be aware it is very steep in places so sure footing is required should you be holding onto a lead, The rest of the walk is breathtaking and once on top overlooking Loch Brandy you can see for miles 365 degrees! There was also a noticable landslide which had occurred by a little quake, not sure when this happened but it looked quite fresh in colour compared to the rest of the cliff edge (photo attached). There was also a significant fault line where it was disturbed by the slide. I will be going again and this time it will be to carry across to Loch Wharral and back down to Glen clova hotel. I have walked as far as Loch Brandy earlier this year in January when it was knee deep in snow all the way up but was too dangerous to carry on further unless you were experienced enough to take on the challenge of the steep path. Great for those wanting to get their new hiking boots christined before taking on Mayar and Dreish two outstanding Munros up in Corrie Fee in Glen Doll which isnt that far away from Glen Clova. I would say its worth the experience and views overlooking Loch Brandy... I had taken two jackets, waterproofs are handy also as weather can change quickly, I also used my walking poles, this too helped when moving up the steep paths. The walk in steps was calculated as 15863 with the loss of 1007kcals for those interested :wink: Enjoy your travels and Safe journey all, wherever your boots take you.