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Wet and cloudy on the Loch Treig 5

PostPosted: Mon Jun 21, 2021 8:17 pm
by senca

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I had only Sunday available for a walk so it was just the case of checking the weather and deciding where to go. Shuffling between a few options I decided the Fisherfield and packed my bike in the car. The forecast obviously changed and just before going out my plans changed too. Loch Treig then. The 2 hills south of Loch Ossian was my first walk this year, my plan back then was to include Beinn na Lap as well, but I never managed and so it was still a hill to do in the middle of nowhere. So I eventually made a route including that hill in a Loch Treig circuit and decided to do it counter clockwise. Long walk with two big de- and reascends, but at least it would tick the rest of the munros in that area off.
When I arrived at the car park and reversing camera turned on I saw all the midgies waiting there for fresh blood, but I managed to trick them by putting smidge on, getting the gear and leaving the place as soon as possible.
I set off at 4.20am and first part of the walk is on a land rover track, then I turned uphill and picked up the path towards Meall Cian Dearg, which is fine, but eroded in one place in a steep part.
A view on the last hill of the day

It's a very nice wide ridge walk after that, which would be surely even nicer if I didn't find myself in a thick cloud. I reached the top of Stob a Coire Mheadhoin at 6.40. The view, I suspect, would've been amazing.
Then, after a short descend and putting my jacket on, because the rain started, and half an hour, I found the cairn marking the top of Stob Coire Easain. I enjoyed the best Scottish view.
Stob Coire Easain

There's a long, pathless descend after into Lairig Leacach. It wasn't easy in a clag, on wet and slippery rocks and wet and steamy glasses didn't help.
Lairig Leacach

But eventually I picked up a path on a bottom, crossed Allt na Lairige, passed a surprising gorge, noticed there's actually a foot bridge further down and found a big track, which I followed up to the foot of Beinn na Lap.
Loch Treig

It's just over 3km to the top from the track, but I was already quite tired, the grass was wet all the way, my boots gained another hole and even my sealskinz waterproof socks gave up. I finally got to the top, with no views obviously, after 4,5 hours from leaving Easain. But the worst was still to come.
An unusual loch on top of Beinn na Lap

During the descend on the NE slope I could see what seemed to be a green, vertical wall of Chno Dearg, my next target. At that point I would probably bail out if there was a path back to Fersit car park, but there's only a train line, so I crossed Allt Feith Thuill and continued my journey uphill.
Allt Feith Thuill

Beinn na Lap

That was some struggle as I pulled myself up the wet, steep slope, making stops after every 5 steps, but eventually it got better after reaching Sron Ruadh and got to the top of Chno (Chro) Dearg 3 hours after leaving Beinn na Lap.
On the way to Chno Dearg

After a brief celebration of bagging my 200th munro I walked down on an easy slope and up into the cloud again where Stob Coire Sgriodain was supposed to be.
Between Chno Dearg and Stob Coire Sgriodain

There's a false summit first, where I got lost for a moment, but then straight to the top, touch the cairn and down to Allt Chaorach Beag. I picked up the path along the burn, but then it divides a few times and I lost it completely until the flat area down the bottom, where I found it again and to the road, through a farm and back to the car park.
A view to the north

All in all a very good walk, which I would definitely enjoy more having some views around and maybe a bit stronger wind, as I couldn't sit anywhere longer than 2 minutes not attracting nearby midgies.