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Meall Chuaich

PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:48 am
by macq23

This was a strange one for me as it was my first hike starting from the A9. I was more worried about the car alarm going off by the cars/lorries speeding by than the rubbish weather!!
layby 94

The starting point was the A9 layby 94 . From here onwards, it was a walk along beside the Aqueduct leading up to the Dam. Once we passed the Dam, we walked further on towards Loch Cuaich.
On approach to Loch Cuaich
As we reached this, we took a right then a left up towards Stac Meall Chuaich. By this point the rain has fairly come on quite a bit. It was a nice walk up to Stac Meall Chaich with a great view of Loch Cuaich on the left. But the higher we went, the more the Loch dissapeared into the mists.

Once we were nearly at Stac Meall Chuiach, it was another right turn and made tracks to Meall Chuiach. It was a fairly easy going walk up, nothing too difficult. Once at Meall Chuiach I was quite taken by the impressive Cairn.
At Meall Chuaich
But unfortunately as we were just about to tuck into lunch, the heavens opened and the torrential downpour began :-(

We decided when going up, that it would be nice to have a walk around Loch Cuiach when coming back down. So we veered onto the right side of Stac Meall Chuiach going back down, which meant we had a good walk around the loch on the way back.
Loch Chuaich appearing as we come down

Sights-seeing wise, the weather was pretty miserable so didn't see much, but it was a good simple walk and a Munro bagged. :-)
Meall chuaich in the distance