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Càrn Daimh from Tomnavoulin

PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 2021 8:08 pm
by KatTai
Headed up another sub-2000 with Moss and Zena today. Moss is improving since starting physio and seems to be able to do some of the smaller hills no problem and this one looked ideal. The walk is fully waymarked with yellow arrows and on the Speyside Way there are signposts as well. There were a couple of issues though - stiles! For Moss they didn't pose much of an issue but Zena hasn't encountered many stiles without and easy way through for dogs. The first one we found a gap slightly uphill that she could squeeze under but the 2nd one right across from this one was a bit more difficult and took some encouragement. Further on another one was no problem because the gate was unlocked and we could just go through that. The route goes through several fields of sheep and some fields also look as if they have cattle in then at times as well - fortunately not today though! There are good views from the summit. The dogs had some fun in a boggy pool on the way back down and the route back across the moorland is boggy to start with but does dry out and once across the rest of the descent is on a forestry track back to the small car park.

Ben Rinnes in the distance

Water in the car was a no, water in this muddy puddle - oh yes!

The girls at the summit

Moss at the view indicator

Summit rolls!


Zena has collected a few followers (lots of flies at the summit!)

Spotted - rare dogodile

Yes it's muddy but she's having fun!