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PostPosted: Sun Jul 25, 2021 5:02 pm
by rob munbett
I was contacted by my friend, Ian, who is not a hillwalker but likes to 'do' a hill every year during his holidays. Three years ago we did Ben Lomond, two years ago we did Goatfell, last year nothing for obvious reasons. So, where to this year. Tinto seemed a safe bet. the forecast was for a very hot day so we left Glasgow at 7.30 to make sure that we were setting off from the Tinto car park in relatively cool temperatures.
The path up
Actually what we got was an early morning inversion, which was very pleasant. Soon, though, we were up above the mist in the clear blue skies and the sun beat down on us plodding up the 'tourist' path all the way to the massive cairn at the summit, where we sat for a good while enjoying some sandwiches and taking on plenty of fluid.
The huge summit cairn / burial mound
We were in no particular hurry so even on the way down we stopped on some grassy slopes to enjoy the sunshine and the views. We made a short detour to explore the rings of the iron age fort before getting back to the baking hot car. Thank goodness for good air-con!