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Pressendye via Lazy Well

PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2021 9:24 pm
by KatTai

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I did Pressendye via the WalkHighlands route several years ago but on that thread someone mentioned an alternative route via Lazy Well that avoided all the road walking. Found a report describing this route and headed out, finding the area to park where there was space for a couple of cars to squeeze in and setting off up the track. Where the track curves round go straight on on a grassier track (the other track goes to a dead end) and follow that as it curves round heading across the hillside beneath Baderonoch Hill. A track on the right gives a straight ascent up to the summit which has a cairn, where Moss decided to show off her acting talents...

Oh no! Someone has dropped a cairn on Moss!


The route towards the main target is clear to see, a new bulldozed track cutting across the moorland and that is reached by following the twisting track. Heading up to Lazy Well there were a number of dragonflies darting around, too quick to get photos of though!

Lazy Well lochs

The bulldozed track made for fast progress and we left it to follow a grassy track up and over Broom Hill and the final climb towards Pressendye. We followed the main track, but it would have been better to stick to the fence as this track was badly eroded. A gap where the fences met allowed us to pass to the track leading the last of the way to the summit where Moss played some hide and seek!

Spot the collie!

Summit photo

The descent was the same way though we stayed on the bulldozed track to reach the farm and road that lead back to the car - the descent route could be used as an alternative skipping Baderonoch Hill if a shorter walk was wanted.