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Beach day with the dogs

PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2021 12:40 am
by YvonneSoSt
What a glorious day to be beside the seaside, still warm in late September and dramatic clouds moving fast across the sky. The views across the firth were beautiful and atmospheric, what a stunning place. I'd brought my binoculars, but couldn't see any dolphins, a lot of seabirds though. The dogs were loving it and soon sported perfect beach fur.
We never saw the makeshift bridge, nor the wooden steps that would take us into the forest, I don't know if we'd walked too far or not far enough, but we found a way in after crossing a narrow bit of the salt marsh, and soon we were on the right track (we checked on the map).
We opted for the detour on the narrow path which was a bit overgrown in places, but it seemed someone has been there to maintain it recently. Be prepared to brush against a few bushes etc. The forest is magnificent though and the dogs had a great time too.


Once on the minor road the dogs were tired and happy to go on the lead. It's not a busy road and is part of a cycle route, so lots of keen cyclists, but take care in case of the odd boy racers. It was a bit of a longer stretch that I'd initially thought, so we were happy when it turned off and headed towards the beach.

Minor road through lovely farm land

We didn't follow the last bit of the walk description, instead headed for the dunes to look at the views and have a sandy sandwich washed down with some sandy tea. Pure brilliant.