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Berwick upon Tweed to eyemouth

PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2021 3:48 pm
by Bastonjock
Midweek the forecast looked like a doomsday prediction with yellow warnings for high winds and heavy rain , this did not deter me from my path ( pun intended )
On Saturday morning I drove to get some fuel ,filled up my small motorhome and headed north , a non exiting drive from Bedfordshire brightened up a tad as I got closer to my targeted town of Berwick upon Tweed
I. Drove down to a car park close to a holiday village and golf course ,at this point in the journey the forecast looked like it was spot on ,it was freezing cold as I took a short walk ,I checked the parking restrictions and decided to move to a more suitable location. I cooked myself a big fat steak for dinner accompanied with mash , cabbage and onion

I had an early night and woke at 6am ,it was still dark ,the rain had been hammering all night ,but I still managed a decent sleep , I got up and put the kettle on ,shortly after I noticed the first Beam of sunlight and a lightening sky , there was a lone seagull giving out his morning call ,things were looking up

The aim of my walk was to try out new gear , ever since my son had challenged me to doing the WHW next April ,I thought I'd better get in shape and get some great

The morning start was magnificent


I skirted past two caravan parks at the edge of the cliffs ,I was soon met with views like these



I continued on the well marked coastal path ,the birds were entertaining as the flew over the tops of the cliffs, I'm sure I heard a falcon , striding on I soon came across the smugglers village of Burnmouth



I followed the path down from the cliff tops and through someone's back garden ,all sign posted as part of the route ,I stopped here for a short rest and to top up on my fluids ,heading on along the route then up the side of the cliff you are soon met with vistas like this

I reached eyemouth and took the bus back to berwick where I returned to my camper
On to st abbs tomorrow