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Cnoc Coinnich and The Brack

PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2021 12:00 pm
by chazzyboy19
Set off from Lochgoilhead and followed the well marked LL&CW up through the woodland and through a gate onto the open hill, again followed the LL&CW signed by white posts, untill I decided to drift off south, picked up a worn grassy track that soon merged with others to lead to the summit and a grand viewpoint. Returned by the ascent route until branching northeast to head for the cairn on the LL&CW marked on the OS maps. From here descended a few metres and crossed a fence where another grassy track was followed on a rising traverse to follow up the southwest ridge of The Brack to a lovely summit with good views, returned by mostly the same route to the cairn then back along LL&CW to Lochgoilhead