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Carn a' Chuilinn

PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2021 11:46 am
by Backpacker
I thought I might get lucky with a 70% chance of cloud free summits later on but I didn't, summit didn't clear all day even on my way down, which is what usually happens.

The track makes for pretty quick walking both on the ascent and for coming down higher up, off the tracks there's not much of a path and it's just a case of bog trotting your way up.

Ridge area provided a bit of interest with a few twists and turns avoiding the various lochans and boggy bits. Getting down was pretty straight forward, head north east sticking to the ridge as best you can, got below the cloud and spotted a track which headed towards the hydro track and made a beeline towards it, once on the hydro track it was just a case of heading down it till I was back at the car.

Enjoyable day out but not a hill I'll do again in this lifetime.