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Ben Vorlich (Perthshire)

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2021 6:15 pm
by Colin1951
Home improvement shenanigans had kept me out of the hills while the good weather lasted and with the wind and rain back in charge the search for new mountain tops was shelved in favour of some easily accessible hill fitness. Vorlich is one of the closest Munros for me and as a result it has had frequent ascents over the years, usually when the weather has discouraged me from going further afield.
And so it proved today, although I left the car in a gloomy but dry sky the rain started a few minutes later and by the time I was out in the Corrie it was lashing down. The new goretex jacket performed excellently but simply channelled the water down over my trousers. And the goretex trousers….were in my winter rucksack. Och well…

Vorlich is a strange wee hill to me, the drive in to it and the walk up past the house is a delight. But the next bit, plodding up the bare coire, I find deadly dull and featureless. Then you swerve left on to the ridge and it’s all good again; and I can still remember the view at the top even though I haven’t seen it for a few years!
The torrents were continuing on the summit so once again Stuc a Chroin was left for another day. Nicer to climb via Beinn Each anyway.
No wildlife, 2 hours 5 minutes to the top (not bad for an auld ane) and an inch of water in the bottom of my rucksack when I got home. But my legs will thank me on the next good day we get….

Re: Ben Vorlich (Perthshire)

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2021 9:51 pm
by The English Alpinist
I think it's impressive to go up that high in such weather, no matter how accessible the mountain. Especially alone always takes nerve which many people do not possess. I'm glad to hear you say it is best from Beinn Each as I'm planning exactly that route on my next trip!

Re: Ben Vorlich (Perthshire)

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2021 11:00 pm
by rockhopper
You have my sincere sympathies on the DIY/home improvements front - I know exactly what you mean ! :roll:
Would agree with you, Stuc a Chroin and Beinn Each make for a nice walk from Loch Lubnaig. Second time I was up Ben Vorlich, I went via the Corbett, Meall na Fearna - makes the walk and approach just a little different - cheers :)