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Meall Alvie (Braemar) with Kids - The good way up

PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, 2021 9:32 pm
by WalkingWithKids
Meall Alvie (Braemar) from Keiloch car park with Kids (8, 11)

Total distance - 4.52 km
Total time - 02h36m
Altitude gain - 249.1 m

After we went down Meall Alvie I asked myself why everyone is choosing the worst way up?

We parked up on the Car park at Keiloch (there is a charge £3 per car/day).

Route-Meall-Alvie-from-Keiloch-car-park-Braemar.gpx Open full screen  NB: Walkhighlands is not responsible for the accuracy of gpx files in users posts

From the car park we took a forest track leading between estate buildings and going NE:

After 1km we reached the little red roofed cottage of Felagie:

Start of the terrible pathless way up at the cottage :crazy: :

Deep heather and rough ground :crazy: :

Will it be easier on the dyke?

Oh, nice! :

An upper part of the way by the side of the dyke was a bit better:

We found a deer path but it disappeared soon:

Conni on Meall Alvie:

Conni on the dyke on Meall Alvie (further back the Corbett Culardoch):

Our way down is a good way up

The way up was quite horrible, heather almost as tall as my youngest daughter :) therefore we decided to try another way down.
On the map I could see a forest track starting about 200m before cottage going WE:

From the top we went straight towards to the end of the track drawing on the map. It was a good choice. For the first 100m there was heather but...

...finaly no heather! :clap: :

Almost whole way down was like on the photo above. Steep but much, much better ground then the way along the dyke.

About 100m before we reached the mentioned forest track we finished in the heather (not so deep like along the dyke) and the bracken:

Finaly on the good forest track:


On the way up do not continue to the red roofed cottage but turn right onto this place... :

...take this forest track and continue to its end... :

...and roughly here straight up. The bracken is just a short distance.

First hill for this day done. Second one was Creag Ghiubhais (Ballater) with Kids - no good way up.