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Cruach Adrain on the energy!!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:36 pm
by fingeez
Day 1

Time = 1hour 45 minutes
Distance = 5.7km
Ascent = 394m
Time = 6.15pm - 8pm

So Sunday night a flight of fancy flowed into and out of my mind of a wee spot of camping, with no further thought about it.

That was until lunchtime on Monday when I thought why the heck not, I wasn’t doing anything special, the weathers good and woooooo I’m on holidays from work 8) . So quick trip to my sisters to get my sleeping bag back, then to Tesco for some supplies and one final stop at Craigdons in Perth for a sleeping mat and map. Picked up the Vango Ultralite ¾ length for £25.

So all packed up and route organised from my list of possible route plans :D . Time was 4.30pm and I was off down the Crieff road, quickly through Crieff, Comrie, Lochearnhead and down the single track road a little ways past Kinghouse heading for Inverlochlarig farm. This road I have now dubbed “The Road of Doom” mainly as I felt like it went on forever driving at between 20-30mph the whole way, due to tight turns, extremely blind corners going downhill, uphill, sideways and all ways, oh and the potholes that were doing there best to rip my poor wee Punto to shreds.

Ben More Route.gpx Open full screen  NB: Walkhighlands is not responsible for the accuracy of gpx files in users posts

Anyway got to the rather nice wee parking area at around 6pm and got myself organised, only 2 other cars still there with one person sorting themselves out after finishing walking, eyeing me as if to say “what time is this to head out???!!! :shock:

Made my way along the road past the farm and upon noticing the farm shop, I wished I had change to get some fresh eggs, boiled eggs would have been braw for the morning, oh well maybe next time eh? Over a small style just after the bridge and made my way along the track crossing one further style and then I was onto the land rover track that leads up into Inverlochlarig Glen. The track helped me stretch the legs and get used to having a heavier than usual bag, I brought my walking poles for this one (which turned out to be a godsend later on). Made the end of the track in about an hour and continued up the Glen following the Inverlochlarig Burn for the most, until I came to some pretty flat ground that was almost like marshland, was nice and grassy so no sinking up to the knees :D . So 45 minutes after leaving the land rover track I got to my campsite for the night, at the high point where the Inverlochlarig Glen turns into the Benmore Glen.

Track up the Glen

Stob Binnean in the distance.

Looking back down the Glen from my camp spot.

It was around 8pm by now so found myself a dry patch up on one of the hummocks amongst the large boulders, got my tent setup and dinner on J. Relaxed and had a wander around here for a while before retiring for the night at around 10 (which may be my earliest night in years and years ). Drifted off to the sound of sheep, lambs, frogs and toads. :)

Campsite with Ben More behind

Darkness outside my tent

Had plans to be up at around 6am to get an early start, but one moment of sticking my arm out the sleeping bag to check the time and it nearly froze off, so that put to rest those plans, ahh well back to sleep for abit. Eventually dragged myself out the warmth of my sleeping bag at around 8.30am, which was put to its test, I had slightly chilly feet but nothing too cold, could have sorted it by putting socks on but wasn’t bad enough to make me open up my sleeping bag haha.

Day 2
First 2 Munro's

Time = 4 hours
Distance = 6.9km
Ascent = 973m
Time = 9.30am - 1.30pm

Had a quick bite to eat and made a flask of Mocha while pottering around camp watching the light slowly filling the Glen from over the top of Stob Binnean. Plan was now to leave my gear here and head up Ben More then Stob Binnean before returning to pick the gear back up.

Sun rising over the Glen

Ben More

Headed off up the slopes at around 9.30am with a map and compass in my pocket and flask in hand, I headed straight for the Bealach-eadar-dha Beinn, nothing tricky along this way, just soggy grassy slopes with one small waterfall catching the eye. Reached the Bealach and carried on up the slope towards Ben More’s summit seeing another walking coming down towards Stob Binnean, just a quick hello on the way past and reached the summit after a few rocks to climb over. Sat here taking in the views with glorious sunshine all around and only intermittent cloud stealing the sun. Back down at the Bealach I met the walker again and stopped and chatted for 10 minutes or so, nice chap all in all, hope he had a good trip. Said our goodbyes and I carried on up Stob Binnean while he descended down to the Glen. This slope was much easier and I made good time up here to the summit. Plonked myself down on a rock facing Cruach Adrain and Beinn Tuilachean to finish off my coffee and make decision on whether to tackle these or not. Decided I would make my mind up once I was back at my camp, but checked out possible ways up to the ridge from on high. I contemplated heading directly west towards my camp from the summit, but it looked rather rocky and steep that way, so headed back to the Bealach for the third time then back to camp from there.

Looking down on Crianlarich

Ben Lawers through the haze

Stob Binnean, Cruach Adrain, Beinn Tulaichean from Ben More summit

Beinn Tulaichean and Cruach Adrain from stob Binnean summit

Ben Vorlich and Stuc A'Chroin

Anyone know what the peak on the right is?

Got back to my camp around 1.30pm, taking me 4 hours for the round trip, bit longer than expected but I was in no rush. Got a bite to eat and some much needed water here and packed myself all back up. I decided I had plenty time and was in no rush to get back to Perth so a return route going over Cruach Adrain and Beinn Tuilachean it was :D

Second 2 Munro's back to car

Time = 4.45 hours
Distance = 9.2km
Ascent = 791m
Time = 2pm - 6.45pm

I headed west from my campsite towards the Bealach between Stob Coire Bhuidhe and Stob Garbh, sticking to the easiest looking ground. I knew this uphill pull would be tougher with the heavy pack on, but was pleasantly surprised I never found it harder. Reached the ridge and well worn path in around an hour and a half and got myself a well deserved seat of the first rock I came to. Seen another walker at this point who asked if I had come up from the North, she seemed a bit shocked :shock: when I said nope, I came up from the east from the Glen with my big pack on :D . At this point I wished she had told me about the route up Cruach Adrain!!!

Ben More and Stob Binnean

So after a 10 minute break I got saddled up once more and made my way up and onto Stob Garbh at which point I checked my map several times to make sure that massive lump of rock a short distance away, that rises like a cliff was infact Cruach Adrain!! As luck would have it, it was, so I had a quick scan to see if there was a way to circumvent it to the south side where I could drop the pack and head up. I found a path that seems to do just that but it ended abruptly and I couldn’t find any trace further on of it or of an easy way around, so went back a short way and took the path that headed straight for the summit. The path was fairly eroded but not visible from a distance, surely it must circle round on its way up, but no it zigs and zags all the way straight up what felt like almost vertical slopes and one I wouldn’t recommend with a big pack on. I didn’t hang around to take any pictures on the way up, but got myself up as fast and safe as possible. With a smaller pack on it would be a lot more enjoyable, but I certainly wouldn’t like to go down that way. Only stopped for a few minutes at the top as there was a chilly breeze.

Up that?!!!!

Made my way along the path towards Beinn Tulaichean , some nice little lochans along here and some cracking views of Beinn A’Chroin. At the end of the ridge it was time for the final descent, I was starting to feel the strain by this time from the heavy pack and wanted down and back in my comfy car seat :D . I headed direct East from here and found a small stone chute and eased myself and pack down to the grassy slopes below. From here it was what felt like the longest grassy slope descent of my life and wished there was a way I could roll all the way to the bottom. After what felt like a week I got myself to the farmers fence and followed it back to the land rover track, I was so happy getting back to what felt like normal walking ground I could have kissed it, but would have taken too much energy to bend down to do so. From here it was a nice easy walk back to the car getting there at around 6.45pm.

Beinn A'Chroin

Cruach Adrain from Beinn tulaichean summit

Back to Perth and straight to the chipper for dinner :D

Well had a cracker of a night and day, used my 40l pack which was a tight squeeze and I’d struggle to fit enough food for 2 full days or 2 nights out. Need to get myself a water filter as well as I ran out of water on my descent from the final summit and could have done with filling up a little earlier. Now to start looking at lighter smaller gear to shave those kilos off, as I don’t want to take a bigger pack but want to be able to take more food for longer trips :lol:

Re: Cruach Adrain on the energy!!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:45 pm
by tamw51
Nice one man thats pretty sweet cracking report, done some wild camping in knoydart totaly awesome, but iv never done iy solo, think id freak myself out, best thing bout it i suppose u save a lot of driving having to do return trips to the hills.

Iv got an epic trip planned in may gonna be tottaly wild, been stockin up lightweight stuff, some bargains to be found likes!got a tent for 40 quid only weighs 2kg! :D

Re: Cruach Adrain on the energy!!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:01 pm
by fingeez
Cheers tamw51 :)

haha solo is my only option, dont have any friends that have any camping gear or really like hill walking lol
Yeah thats my plan, camp alot to save on petrol :)

Yeah my tent is the Vango Banshee 200 2010 model that i got for £60 and weighs 2kg, lol well alot of folks on here got it aswell :) I've been looking at all kinds of gear today to lighten the load, found Tarptents Moment, 1 person, around £150 with delivery from the USA and weighs about 800g :)

Re: Cruach Adrain on the energy!!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:26 pm
by tamw51
Braver man than me, but if its your only option has to be done!Anything to get in the hills eh!800g thats pretty sweet wouldnt even notice u were carrying it! :D

iv been doin alot of solo day trips as my keen walkin buds are in a land down under for forseable future, and slightly less keen pals take a bit of persuasion and aint keen on my early starts but hey ho! :lol:

Re: Cruach Adrain on the energy!!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:36 pm
by gagfax
Think that mountain on the right is Ben Ledi 8)

Re: Cruach Adrain on the energy!!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:46 pm
by 2dalmatians
Great report there, I've walked this area quite a bit over the last couple of months (did Ben More/Stob Binnein last week) so got a real feel for where you were, the scenery is just spectacular. You covered a fair distance over the couple of days - I was totally knackered last week. Some cracking pictures too. :D

Re: Cruach Adrain on the energy!!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:11 pm
by Graeme D
Cracking stuff Ross! Solo wild-camping - you'll never look back now! 8)

Re: Cruach Adrain on the energy!!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:36 pm
by fingeez
haha i like my own company anyway so were all good :) ive the same problem with my mates that i could get to come, want to get up and leave perth and 12!!! lol

Think you could be right gagfax, never even thought of that, had me confused at the time.

Cheers 2dalmations :) yeah some of the views were brill, loved seeing Beinn A'Chroin from up on Beinn Tulaichean, think i spotted a possible camp site there too :)

Cheers Graeme, been waiting to get out for some camps for a while, most definately going to be alot more of them to come :D

Re: Cruach Adrain on the energy!!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:54 pm
by rogers
Great report fingeez, can't wait to get out myself, been working last weekend and on this weekend, next friday can't come soon enough, planning 2 nights in the glenfinnan area, got the banshee myself, great wee tent, i was trying to shed the pounds last year and got a terra nova laser comp, nice and light but i like a bit of room inside for my gear, probably try and sell it, actually thinking about going for the vango force ten helium 200, only weighs 1.3kg, then of course there's need for a lighter sleeping bag and so on and so on, i normally just do a 2-3 day trip and try and base myself within easy reach of where i'm planning to head up hill, leave my gear in the tent and head off for the day, i have wee lifeventure day bag which weighs very little and is ideal for waterproofs, fleece, first aid kit, water & snacks, the usual essentials, anyway happy future camping.
packs up small into one of its back pouch
nice and light

Re: Cruach Adrain on the energy!!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:46 pm
by fingeez
Hey Rogers, thanks for the comment.
Yeah the banshee certainly has plenty room for one, dont think i'd like to go much smaller. Was looking at the Vaude Power Lizard, 2 man so nice and spacious for 1 and only weighs around a 1kg.
I like the idea of basing myself in an area for a few days, but think i'd rather just be out in the middle of nowhere with the tent :)


Re: Cruach Adrain on the energy!!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:18 am
by monty
Hi Ross,
Inverlochlairig is a great place to do these from. Nice pitch. Great walk. Well done. Some excellent pictures there. No stopping you now. :D

Re: Cruach Adrain on the energy!!

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 12:01 am
by fingeez
Cheers Monty :)
haha nope, cant wait to get back out for some more wildcamping :)

Re: Cruach Adrain on the energy!!

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 1:37 am
by rockhopper
Great stuff Ross - and you beat me to it with the banshee by a wee bit (didn't use mine for the first time until Friday - walk report not yet done). :D

Think you did the right thing on the mat - I'm never going to use the foam roll mat again... :lol:

Re: Cruach Adrain on the energy!!

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 4:04 pm
by fingeez
haha cheers rockhopper :)

how could we resist with the recent weather :) was suitably impressed with the banshee though, plenty room for me on my own :)

haha yeah i used them years ago on my duke of edinburghs and never again lol, would rather not carry it and just sleep straight on the ground. The Vango ultrlight 3/4 was excellent though, very comfy and warm, and plenty big for me, although im not tall in the slightest and when curled up could fit myself completly on it hahaha :)