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Our first moutain climb...

Our first moutain climb...

Postby victoriajarrett » Sun May 15, 2011 9:32 pm

Hewitts included on this walk: Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa, Y Lliwedd

Date walked: 24/04/2010

Time taken: 9

Distance: 17 km

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Snowdon; ascent via the Pyg Track...

Start Time - 08:30

Heading off on the walk and i don't think the kids knew exactly what they were letting themselves in for... It was their first mountain, and mine actually, and what a mountain to begin on. Luckily for us we had a very well accomplished mountain/hill walker on hand... fellow member of walk highlands Andrew Doggett, and for my sins, my other half ;)

Snowdonia April 2010 002.JPG
Walk up to the car park

Unfortunately the car park we needed to park in for the start of our walk was full (beginning at Pen y Pass, behind the cafe) which meant a 2 mile walk to the top, and that's before we begin. Still the kids were in good spirits... In the photo; Megan and Andy making a good start.

Snowdonia April 2010 005.JPG
The Pyg Track

And off we go... still kids are optomistic. I think they like the rugged path, presenting more of a challenge and for their little legs, Sam being 5 and megan 7 (at the time), more like rock climbing!!!

Snowdonia April 2010 014.JPG

So near the summit and Megan still manages a smile...

As it was a gorgeous April day and we had our hopes set on the cafe on the summit being open, Andy and i could have a nice rewarding cold beer and the kids could have an ice-cream. Near what is probably the toughest part of the ascent, that being the last 200metres (it gets pretty steep), the kids were starting to show some signs of fatigue and were whinging a little so we decided to use the ice-cream at the top card... it worked!!! Sam went rocketing off with Andy whilst i stayed behind a little to give Megan that little bit of extra encouragement she needed...

Snowdonia April 2010 006.JPG

Our first view of the summit of Mount Snowdon, was truly breathtaking and what a gorgeous day too. I guess for a child seeing is believing and distance isn't something they think about... only every now and then did we get a 'are we there yet'...

Snowdonia April 2010 007.JPG
Ahhh, those 'special sweets'

We learnt very quickly that sweets were the way forward... to you and i they look like ordinary lollipops, but to the kids they were 'special' energy sweets. Gulible you say? Yes, but it worked - the slightest moan and out came those 'special' sweets ;)

Before i go any further i must say i felt so proud of Megan and Sam as we made our ascent. Every now and then they asked if they could have a rest/break but i knew it would be hard to get them started again, so we urged them on, along with everyone else. We passed so many people (who had obviously started before us) taking breaks, they cheered the kids on as they walked past and some people couldn't believe that children so young were attacking the mountain better than an adult!!!

Snowdonia April 2010 016.JPG

Snowdonia April 2010 015.JPG

And so we have it, we reach the summit of Mount Snowdon. Unfortunately the cafe was not open so we settle for a bite to eat overlooking the hills of Snowdonia... The view is, although a little hazy, absolutely stunning... i could have sat up there for hours with my favourite people and just let the world pass us by... but it started to get a little cold... so we pack up lunch and make our descent.

What the kids didn't realise is that they were actually going to climb our 2nd mountain of the day... So we head off for Y Lliwedd, unfortunately due to the steepness and loose rocks of the descent, and even the ascent to Y Lliwedd the camera stayed in my pocket as we guided the kids down and up... this one i must say, Megan and Sam enjoyed very much, the challenges (once again) from it being more of a rock climb. It did get quite competative as they tried to beat each other to the summit of mountain 2, which is where Andy, the accomplished hill-walker steps in, has to quite sternly tell them off... there is no room for pushing/messing around on a mountain!!!

Snowdonia April 2010 017.JPG

There we have it, mountain number 2 and we make our descent down and our long walk back to the car...

Snowdonia April 2010 020.JPG

Lead the way outta here daddy... the long walk back to our car and the comforts of our hotel... via a riverside pub first, of course!!!

Oh, and that ice-cream we promised the kids... they got it. We arrive back at the car, all a little tired after 9 hours of walking, we dive for all of 3 minutes and there in a lay-by, as if it is waiting for us especailly, is an icre-cream van!!! Smiles all around and a great way to end a lovely walk... :D

Finish Time 17:00
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Re: Our first moutain climb...

Postby andrewdoggett » Sun May 15, 2011 9:44 pm

They both did well... :D

Was an awesome weekend away together in one of my favourite parts of the UK...

Sam thought there was nothing to it...

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Re: Our first moutain climb...

Postby ChrisW » Sun May 15, 2011 9:47 pm

What a lovely report, the emotion and mum's pride really come through, and quite right too - that is some impressive feat for those little feet :D

Glad the kids got their ice cream....I think they should have got a medal too :shock: I feel ashamed of my own puny efforts by comparison :lol:
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Re: Our first moutain climb...

Postby houdi » Sun May 15, 2011 9:56 pm

Very sweet report and good on you for taking the kids up that way. They would get to see Snowdon from its best side and not the awful side you see from the very mundane Llanberis path. Don't worry about not getting into the car-park at pen-y-pass. They charge £10 for cars these days. I'd rather do the two mile walk than give them that kind of money (daylight robbery). Your smashing pics have got me going now. The Snowdon Horseshoe route (that horrible scary ridge that was on your right hand side going up the Pyg Track) is my favourite route ever. I want to be there now :)
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Re: Our first moutain climb...

Postby Alastair S » Sun May 15, 2011 11:07 pm

Well done all but especially the little 'uns. The classic sweetie bribe works till they are about 10 by the way :lol:
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Re: Our first moutain climb...

Postby colgregg » Sun May 15, 2011 11:17 pm

Respect to your kids for getting round. That's one hell of an intro to the great outdoors. I thought the descents of both summits were pretty stiff.
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Re: Our first moutain climb...

Postby colgregg » Sun May 15, 2011 11:23 pm

Alastair S wrote:Well done all but especially the little 'uns. The classic sweetie bribe works till they are about 10 by the way :lol:

With me it was "lets see if we can find some colourful rocks" Unfortunately we often found lots and I ended up carrying a rucksack full of them for miles.
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Re: Our first moutain climb...

Postby MarkJ008 » Mon May 16, 2011 12:49 pm

Brilliant! What a first mountain to get your teeth into. And what amazing weather! Superb stuff. Cant say this is one of my favourite mountains, but when you get really up there and the rest of the world looks so far away, any mountain is a special place.

I hope you manage some more soon, and the kids get the mountain bug. Outdoors beats a PlayStation any day. :)
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Re: Our first moutain climb...

Postby susanmyatt » Tue May 17, 2011 7:16 am

Magic report, as I said recently it's great to see the kids on the hill, well done to you all :D :D :D
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