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the whangie on a stormy day

PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:50 pm
by eddie devlin
A spur of the moment thing. I had abandoned a previous walk the previous day due to bad weather, bad karma and bad
discipline on my part. So on the Sunday I went out for a paper and milk etc , went on a wee drive to the Queens View and then decided to just take a wee walk up to the Whangie. One the way I decided to detour up to Auchindene trig point. Not too sure of the path due to mud, hail, rain ,gale force winds I took my time and listened to the larks singing like larks, watched some kind of hawk flitting about in the gale, took in the snapshot views as each little storm lifted and the sun
came in and out like an old camera with a faulty shutter. i got to the trig point and on looking back down the deserted pathway I spotted what looked like a flag or a bit of clothing flutter in the breeze. "litter" I thought. Then I imagined it
might be some injured person waving for help and dismissed it as unlikely, but possible. My inner voice said "you cant not go back down in case it is somebody in trouble". So I went back down, which is a bad thing for me as I am a bit of a height miser and dont like to lose what I have attained until I am going home and then downhill is great. It was a Tesco bag that was waving in the wind, I whacked it free and it sailed off toward Bearsden. My soaking troosers had by now dried up, so down the hill and round to the Whangie, a few photos and then home. all in all only a two hour walk , but I felt great all day after that. So guys and gals, dont knock the wee walks ,they can have a big effect.