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another wee walk

PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:25 am
by eddie devlin
Another wee walk

Do you know the way our weather always seems to clear up
round about tea time and the rain stops and the shy sun comes
out for the evening. Well I thought I would plan accordingly so
drove to Ardgartan visitor car park and got there at 4.30 pm.
It was still raining but I had faith in the pattern of days.
I walked up the path to the head of Glen Croe, round and
down to the Rest and be Thankful car park, had a coffee
from my flask, and then walked down to the wee bridge
at the end of the old road, back up to the Glen Croe path
and back down to Ardgartan, all in all, 11 plus miles..
IT RAINED ALL THE WAY. A great experience.
My storm cape, made of the latest stuff, kept me dry.
I was in good form and the path lay down before me.
The waterfalls, numerous and in spate were awesome
No Capability Brown could have designed better than
these, each one different and worthy of a wee reflective
pause. I was watched by some camper van folk as I sat
in the rain at the Rest car park and had a coffee. On the
walk down the old road I say coos, horses, and a herd
of deer, and I think a large fox. On the way back up
the path to the Glen Croe path I met three of the deer
who looked at me, decided I was too slow to be a danger
and continued cropping the grass until I broke out in song.
This caused them to take off and leave me to the mist and the
rain. All in all eleven miles of quiet enjoyment, so again
I say , the wee walks are great and one day later I can
still feel the rain and see the deer. Long live the wee walks.