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Breadalbane Munros

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 7:10 pm
by Morag M
Meall Glas and Sgiath Chuil


Yesterday myself (Morag) and husband Andrew bagged the two Breadalbane Munros, we decided to start the route from Auchlyne as we felt it would be less boggy than the route from Auchessan.

First it was breakfast at the Ardlui Hotel (a wee bit pricey we thought £22.50 for two breakfasts), a couple of weeks ago had a similar breakfast in Tarbet Hotel and it was half this price, however it was nice. (like to try out the eating places on route) :lol: :lol:

We parked the car just at the end of the Auchlyne village, a lovely wee place, very peaceful with chickens, rabbits and hens walking about.

Anyway we started off on a track on the right just over the Auchlyne West Burn, and headed uphill zigging and zagging to the 400m level, (saw quite a bit of wild life along this track, deer, foxes, tadpoles, rooks, chaffinches) this track goes eastwards below Sgiath Chuil, at the end of the track which was very very very long we crossed the stream and headed up grassy slopes (along side the Alt Coire nam Moine in a northwest direction to the summit of Meall Glas ).

Andrew actually rested just below the summit, he had hurt his foot a few weeks ago and it was causing him some pain, I headed up to the summit on my own, met two other couples who had already been on Sgiath Chuil, it was really windy, so I chatted for a bit, took some photo's, then headed back down to where Andrew was resting.

We then headed off east along the ridge towards the trig point of Beinn Cheathaich, from here we headed north for a wee while before descending east to avoid the crags, fairly steep descend and ascend from Beinn Cheathaich to Meall a' Churain, we then followed a path leading south to the Sgiath Chuil summit cairn. On leaving this summit we headed east then south east and eventally joined the track leading to Auchlyne. Really enjoyable day.

Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil 001.JPG

Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil 004.JPG

Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil 007.JPG

Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil 012.JPG

Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil 015.JPG

Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil 025.JPG

Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil 027.JPG

Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil 033.JPG

Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil 044.JPG

Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil 050.JPG

Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil 055.JPG

Re: Breadalbane Munros

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 11:04 pm
by Alan S
Good report and pics sarah 8)
I have to admit these hills havent yet appealed to me but your report was very usefull, thanks :D

48km :shock: :D 8)

Re: Breadalbane Munros

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 11:23 pm
by Morag M
alan s wrote:Good report and pics sarah 8)
I have to admit these hills havent yet appealed to me but your report was very usefull, thanks :D

48km :shock: :D 8)

Thanks Allan, :)

We decided on this route from Auchlyne due to the boggy parts detailed on the other routes,
however it is very long, :shock: but would still recommend it.
Great views over to the Crainlarich Hills :D

Re: Breadalbane Munros

PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:36 pm
by past my sell by date
Thanks for your info on this track and nice pics. I did Sgiath Chuil this way yesterday - It sure is a great track and on the way down you can cut out most of the bends. The ford in one of your pics was in spate - scary - and on the return too scary for me too attempt it :lol: