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Sgiath Chuil & Meall Glas

PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:30 pm
by Stuart Blakeley
We have access to a static caravan via the in-laws and this is situated just outside Killin. Ideal base for many hillwalking trips! I spent Tuesday, Wednesday here with the in-laws and the bairn (16 months - still do do her 1st munro) then picked up the missus who stayed Thursday, Friday and we returned home on the Saturday night.

My original plan was to complete the group of four up at Glen Lyion on the Friday but succumbed to 'family pressures' and put off till the Saturday and I decided to hit the two on the south side of Glen Lochay.

The McNeish book tells you to start from Lubchurrin cottage but you can only take your car as far as just before Kenknock cottage and it's still a good walk in (maybe about 45 mins to an hour). There is a bridge over the river just before the pipeline that zig zags up to the head of the pipeline and a nice viewpoint (GR466356) which is the route I took. From the viewpoint you just head SSW over the grassy slopes and you connect with the path over the ridge if you had started from Lubchurrin cottage. In any case, even if you miss the path, you can't miss Meall a' Churain.
Meall a' Churain from the grassy slopes approach from the viewpoint at the top of the pipeline.

Some great views here especially looking back towards Meall Ghaordaidh.
Meall Ghaordaidh

Once you hit the top of Meall a' Churain, it's only a short jaunt along the ridge to the top of Sgiath Chuil. By this time the sun was beating down and it was at this point I remembered that I forgot my suntan lotion!
Feeling the pain (and the sun) at the cairn on Sgiath Chuil

It took me 2 hours to reach the summit and after a quick coffee and cheese sandwich, I headed back towards Meall a' Churain then descended west down the very steep slopes to the 500m bealach (which was very boggy) and then started my ascent of Beinn Cheathaich.
The view west from Sgiath Chuil to Beinn Cheathaich (RHS) and Meall Glas (LHS)

You can almost pick your route here and I chose to go right up the crags for a bit of adventure. Took me a bit longer than if I found a path but a wee scramble always does the trick. About an hour and a half later I hit the trig point on Beinn Cheathaich.
Trig point on Beinn Cheathaich

The views here were pretty good.
The view back from Beinn Cheathaich to Sgiath Chuil (RHS)
Ben More and Stob Binnein to the south.

From here it was about half an hour to the top of Meall Glas (it took two hours from Sgiath Chuil).
Walking from Beinn Cheathaich to the top of Meall Glas
After another quick coffee I descended south down the steep grassy slopes to lose the height and pick up the path just north of ther river. It took me 30 mins to hit the path then another hour and a half to reach the car after a long walk back along Glen Lochay with the sun beating down behind me.

Took me 6 hours in all and it was a great day for walking. Long walk out though!

Took this next picture on the walk out.
View to Ben Challum?
It was back along Glen Lochay to what I think was Ben Challum (not 100% sure as I need to get the next OS map). If it was Ben Challum (the only one I've got left in this range) then I may do from the Crianlarich side. We did attempt this one a couple of winters ago from the Crianlarich side and got very near the top but got caught in a total white-out and had to abort.