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Ben Guliban

PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 8:18 pm
by BlairYompers
Slept in this morning :( . We were planning on getting up about 7am and catching the 8.55 bus up to the spittal walking along Glen Taitneach, upto Loch nan Eun and then going up Ben lutheran mor but however we didnt hear the alarm and woke up at 8.20.

After a couple hours comtemplating on what to do we decided to get the 12 bus and go do Ben Guliban.
Got the bag organsied - got suited and booted and headed off out the door.

Arrived at the spittal and we were both starving!! Grabbed a quick munch and then started the short walk to the gate where the the path starts to take u up to Guliban. Over the bridge we went and came to a gate that we thought was the one, so we climbed over it into a field - could here lots of sheep but couldnt see them. Walked over the field a bit and we seen all the sheep that we could here in pen waiting on their turn to get a haircut - couldn't see any sign of a path yet, but could see another gate which took us into the next field which was the at the bottom of Guliban.

walks 016.jpg

walks 017.jpg

We went throught he gate and continued to walk round the bottom a bit to see if we could find the path but there was no sign of it. Ryan then decided we should head straight up from where we were :? it looked a bit of a climb (hands and knees style) but we went for it anyways. Got up the banking a bit away from the road and stopped for a drink etc before the scramble up.From here we could see the path that we were looking for but nevermind it would be more fun this way!! :?

walks 018.jpg

walks 019.jpg

walks 020.jpg

walks 021.jpg

walks 022.jpg

The climb ahead.

walks 024.jpg

Refreshed and a few photos taken we were on our way up. Wasn't too steep at first and managed up a wee bit before we had to start with the hands - truble of course is lucky enough to already have four legs and was having no problems at all running up the hill.

I stumbled across a frog or a toad (not too sure which) luckily Truble didn't spot it or she would of been chasing it back down the hill trying to play with it!!

walks 025.jpg

The road and cars are getting alot smaller now (which i may add - what a speed the cars travel along that road, alot of very close accidents we witnessed from our ascent)

walks 026.jpg

walks 027.jpg

walks 028.jpg

walks 029.jpg

walks 031.jpg

It seemed to get steeper and steeper as we went -

walks 032.jpg
Ryan making his way up

Another we rest, drink and then the with another couple minutes of scrambling the steepest part was over and we could see the top, and thankfully the path ahead looked alot more easy going. The wind however seemed to come from no-where and it was blowing a gayle.

walks 034.jpg

walks 036.jpg

walks 037.jpg

10 minutes later we reached the cairn shelter and sat in there to seek refuge from the wind and have a cuppy.

Chose to come down the Gen Taitneach side which again turned out to be rather steep and made the knees feel a bit wobbly.

Once we had got down we had a look at the map and it turned out that we think we didnt make it to the actual top as there was another cairn abit further on from the shelter that we stopped at. We did see the other cairn when we were up there but never gave it a second thought and just presumed where we were was the top. A bit disappointing but not worry had a great climb to the top and got some great views.