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profile of walks

PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:26 am
by eddie devlin
Hi again from the wanderer. I had a great walk yesterday from Ardgarten visitor centre, now closed by the way. Any thoughts on closure of centre leaving a nice set of toilets on site.? Anyway the walk was up the forest path to top of Glen Croe and then on to Ben Donich. What is it with Ben Donich? I am 72 not a wiry hill runner or walker but I found it very difficult especially on the way down. All this might seem obvious to you experienced guys, but the thought struck me
about Munros and Corbetts etc, regarding the profile of a walk. On Ben donich each time I gained some hight, there was a dip or ravine that spent my hard gained hight. I reckon I am a height miser. My long rambling point is surely that walk is worth a Munro in terms of effort and actually height climbed. Also Donich is full of scary holes and bits of bog where and old guy like me could just vanish. I loved every minute of it.