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Kermit and the doedelzak on Creise

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:29 pm
by kevsbald
Apologies for pic-heavy report but there are a number of parts to Creise and Meall a Bhuiridh that I thought it would be good to post for those perhaps less 'inclined' to do it our way. I had planned to leave Creise as my last Munro (only 164 to go!) but a change of heart meant that I'd be heading North on this fine day with Mike, a Dutch compadre who I had previously taken on to the Cobbler. He was due to head back to Holland for good after a 6-month stint in Scotland so I wanted him to have a good hill-day to remember. We arrived at the Glencoe ski car park and promptly headed over boggy ground and around the bottom of Creag Dubh. The going was quick and we discussed the finer points of Scottish and Dutch mentalities - I also discovered the Dutch for bagpipes was doedelzaks - brilliant! We spraffed over the novelty of pregnant men, rolls and sausage and even got round to talking about science at one point - disgraceful behaviour!

Once we got round the bottom of Creag Dubh, we could see Stob Coire a Ghlas looming in front of us and we picked a route up through the crags before setting off.
Heading up Creise with route defined
The going was good and it wasn't long before we split up and chose our respective lines of attack.
Heading up NE face of Creise - on yer marks!
I enjoyed a good scramble up some rock, while Mike was nowhere to be seen.
Heading up the light scree and keep to the right
I presumed he had a better route so set off towards the top before hearing a voice shouting - Mike was about 400 ft below me and a little stuck - luckily, he managed to revise his strategy and he joined me near the top for a bit of lunch - I felt daft for having left him to do his own thing and silently berated myself for my stupidity - what was I thinking? :( I had just presumed that Mike would be as au fait with rock and heights as me and scolded myself for such arrogance. Take heed, Pollock.

We did disturb some wildlife not far from the top and I was amazed that it was this high up - we must have been at 850m.
Anyone for les cuisses des grenouilles?
We topped out on Stob Coire a Ghlas and the view was stupendous - fantastic views over to the Buachaille and beyond - much camera-aiming and deleting of old photos.
Fantastic views across to the Mamores and BEM
On we continued up to the actual summit of Creise and met a very charming woman, originally from Glasgow but who now lived in Oban. We spoke for 5 minutes and it was really great to just gab away over a common love - M-points and the great country that is Scotland - even Mike agreed, football aside.
Mikey P with Meall a Bhuiridh in the backgroung
From here we set off down the initially steep drop off Creise over to Meall a Bhuiridh and along to that hill.
Heading off Creise and over to MAB - care needed
Before the steepish descent, I noticed a yellow pole, which had been placed into rocks to obviously signify where to descend but it seemed to me that it was redundant and a form of environmental graffiti - anyone else not think so? Not long after this, we topped out on MAB, where Mike found a digital camera - we even got the owner on the blower and met up with him at the car park after the descent. Result and good vibes all round. :D One memorable sign we stumbled upon was when we were heading down off Meall a Bhuiridh, which showed a skier falling - its meaning was obvious but in the summer context it was rather humorous and about as useful as the Pope's testicles.
Whooooooa but nae snow
A great day all round and finished off with a fine half of Deuchars at the Drovers - well, we were due one. Have a good one Mike and it's been a pleasure knowing you. :)

Re: Kermit and the doedelzak on Creise

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2009 10:01 pm
by mountain coward
LOL - love the doedelzak! Great name! :lol:

I'm surprised you annoted that nice swoopy ridge between the Clachlet/Creise ridge as 'care needed' after where you look to have ascended! I liked that little ridge but can't see me doing anything on the Sron na Creise or thereabouts! I took a very pretty picture of Sron na Creise to remind me why I don't want to ascend it :D Seeing as I'm never going to write up a report for it, hope you don't mind if I tack it on here...
Sron na Creise!.jpg
Not for Mountain Cowards!;-)

Re: Kermit and the doedelzak on Creise

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:21 am
by Alan S
good report kev im thinking of maybe doing this next year
i kind of agree with you on the markers on hills its probably better to find your own way
like how you showed the route on your 1st pic how do you do that :?

cheers alan

Re: Kermit and the doedelzak on Creise

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 7:49 am
by Paul Webster
Yes, excellent report and pics. I like the photo with the line drawn on - very Walter Poucher (oh suddenly I feel old :lol: ) - these topo-photos seem to be catching on for that sort of route! Agree about the pole.

Had the person wrote their phone number on the camera, then?

Re: Kermit and the doedelzak on Creise

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 9:55 am
by kevsbald
Aye - the guy had written his surname and phone no on the inside of the case - which prompted me to do the same.
Although I couldn't make out the surname "Wide, 0131 XXXXXXX" Cue conversation on phone - "hello, is that Wide? No, it's not. Oh, I've found yer husband's camera? Oh, it's Wylie!" I felt a bit wide after that.

Alan, my other half used Photoshop to add on the line and then just saved it. She ain't no technophobe unlike me.