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Lochnagar five and the Corbett

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:31 pm
by Johnny Corbett
Arrived at the Spittal of Glenshee carpark at 8 and were immediately eaten alive by midges so it was on with the midge net while we got ready, it's amazing how quick you get organized when the midge is around. We then set off along the track turning right heading towards the lodge, the track being straightforward with Lochnagar signs along the way. As we decided to take in the Corbett i had thought of leaving the track and heading up the heathery slopes but decided to stay on the track till the Lochnagar junction, here there was a path leading to the Corbett which is only a 30mins detour. We then retraced our steps back to the junction where we headed up the path to Cac Cam Beag, there is a huge cairn at Cac Carn Mor which some may mistake for the summit but this is just a top with the summit a further 0.5km away.
After reaching the summit we retraced our steps to Cac Carn Mor where we took the path to the right towards Carn a' Choire Bhoidheach, again i considered leaving the path to cut over to the second Munro but visibility was poor so stayed on the path and eventually came to a small cairn where we left the path and had a easy 10 mins stroll to the summit. After reaching the summit we retraced our steps then followed the path to the next small cairn which was at a crossroads, turning right to Carn an Sagairt Mor with 15 mins to the summit. It was then back to the crossroads where we went straight over and within 40mins we were on Cairn Bannoch. From here we could see Broad Cairn as the weather was starting to clear and with another 40mins stroll taking us to Broad Cairn. From here we headed down to the path towards the south side of Loch Muick, it was here i started to feel a bit of pain in my left knee and becoming worse as we descended ste steep section of track at the middle of the loch. kims knees were also feeling tired but this was her first time out for a few weeks and although not a strenuous walk it is a long one. The track on the opposite side of the loch looked so inviting for cycling along, if only i'd thought about this beforehand we could have cycled to the big Lodge and done the circuit from there leaving Conachcraig for another day.
Start of the track

The Midge is still out

The path to the Corbett

On the Corbett

A 3 toes monsters foot i think

Kim heading up Lochnagar

Cac Carn Beag summit

Carn a' Choire Bhoidheach summit

The route from 2nd to 3rd Munro

A wee view from Carn an Sagairt Mor

Me at the summit

Another view

Dubh Loch

Eagles rock

Kim on Cairn Bannoch

Loch Muick from Broad Cairn

Lochnagar still in cloud

Broad Cairn summit

Myself with Munros 2,3 & 4 in background

Loch Muick on way down

A look back

Lochnagar the Lodge and the Loch

An t- Sron

One last look at the Loch

A look at the past

Re: Lochnagar five and the Corbett

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:50 pm
by pollyh33
Well done to you and Kim for climbing 5 munros and a very convenient corbett :D

I loved to hear about well defined paths and signposts!!! I'm such a wimp!!

Good to see that the views improved as your day progressed, not too sure about that 'bigfoot'- a bit scary!!

Hope you had a few treats later on- you both deserved them :D

Re: Lochnagar five and the Corbett

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:21 pm
by rockhopper
Probably a good idea to approach Conachcraig your way - the heather's quite deep and it's a bit of a trudge going straight up. At least you got some reasonable weather and views - these hills seem to to have more clag than many 8) and you're right about the long walkout though for me it was about the only time I could see anything all day :shock: