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Stac Gorm a wee gem & Stac na Cathaig

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:49 pm
by Johnny Corbett
We did these 2 hills on seperate days but as they're short ones and both easily done in one day i've put them both in the one report. On the 18th we climbed Stac Gorm which is a great wee hill and full of charachter, it has a wee path from the car park all the way to the summit, though a wee bit muddy due to the recent rainfall but rocky further up. Once at the summit the walk can be extended along the full length of the ridge but as the weather wasn't the best we just visited the summit had lunch then returned to the car,stopping off at the large boulders for a wee play on the way down. We tried to get up the larger of the 2 but it was a bit wet and the hillwalking boots were just too big for the foothold though i think on a dry day it would be possible.
Two days later we returned to climb Stac na Cathaig, parking a little further along the road at the start of the track. We headed up this track till it came to a split, where i decided to go left and make our way through the trees, this was the wrong decision as we found out on our way down. If you take the track to the right after about 1km there is a break in the trees where you can make your through up to the summit. There is no path ones you leave the track. On the way back in the car we checked out the other 2 sub 2000's along the road, which we will climb once we return to this area. I'm sure the 4 of them can be climbed quite comfortably in one day, as the 2 we did are easiy done in 1 hour for each hill.
Stac Gorm

Claire at the huge boulder

On our way up

Having a wee rest

Mum & daughter away ahead

Thats another one done

At the summit

The view down

The ridge

In the shelter, honest she was happy to be there

On our way down

Having fun on the boulders

Couldn't quite get up the big one

The track up Stac na Cathaig

On the summit

And again

On the way down

The Loch

Re: Stac Gorm a wee gem & Stac na Cathaig

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:45 pm
by Stretch
You sir have been a walking machine lately. Looks like a fun day out with the fam!

Re: Stac Gorm a wee gem & Stac na Cathaig

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:56 pm
by foggieclimber
These are both good hills, especially Stac Gorm.
Good to see a photo of the boulder - it is indeed HUGE.

Nearby Creag nan Clag is a really good hill too.

Re: Stac Gorm a wee gem & Stac na Cathaig

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:05 pm
by Johnny Corbett
Thanks Stretch, it's a hillwalking bug i've got and i just can't shake it off :D

They are immpressive hills Foggieclimber, we eyed them up as we drove home so they're on the hit list, though i dont think we'll be going up the climbers route :D