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A surprising first munro!

PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 10:22 pm
by jn7g08
Started the day with a depressing weather forecast of rain, strong wind and a 10% chance of cloud free munros. Despite this we got in the car with big smiles all round! On arrival at the car park we were surprised to see Scotloo portable toilets, then we marched up a wonderfully built path passing some volunteer path layers on our way. The water proofs stayed in the bags and the cloud biblically parted around the mountain leaving the summit clear! We soon crossed the bolder field and made the summit in 1:40 (hur:min). Upon the summit we were surprised again to see a group of fellow walkers having a BBQ with some massive curly sausages! After having our tummies rumbled by the smell of BBQs we head off back down the mountain. On the way down we passed a group of 9 or 10 walkers dressed as super heros! headed by Mr Incredible and followed up by Batman! they said they were walking up and flying down. Looks like in need to update my gear and invest in some brightly coloured tights and pants!! The rain forecast for the day was observed passing through vallies in either side of us but not on us!. So on my first munro I learnt that when munroing you can expect amazingly sunny dry weather even when the forecast is the oposite, Porta Loos in the car park, a path being built for you as you go, betting the Munro Book time, BBQ on the summit and super heros on the decent! All in all a great day! Can't wait to bag some more!