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Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby monty » Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:22 pm

Hewitts included on this walk: Crib Goch, Crib y Ddysgl, Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa, Y Lliwedd

Date walked: 22/10/2011

Time taken: 5

Distance: 11 km

Ascent: 1100m

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The Snowdon Horseshoe

Another walkhighlands meeting was planned for the weekend of 21st October 2011. This meeting was to be a bit different to the rest because it was being held in Wales, hosted by our intrepid mountainman "Mountainstar". It was touch and go whether i would be able to attend but as it turned out with some work in Luton and meeting the family in Weymouth, during the week, i was able to drive over to Wales and stop for the weekend on my way home.

I arrived at the Swallow Falls hotel in the early afternoon and met Brian at reception. After settling in I went for a drive. It was raining and even though I got changed into walking gear I was not entirely enthusiastic about going for a walk. I had also lost my mobile phone on the South Coast containing my gps and walking software and only had small map print outs for the Glyders and Snowdon with me which i was not going to walk today. Alan had text me to say he was going to walk up Moel Siabod so i thought i might run in and meet him but in the end I just drove back to the hotel. Fortunate realy because later Alan told me that they had in fact settled ond a low level walk due to the conditions.

So after a quick shower and change I headed for the bar. The rest of the group arrived minus Stretch and nathan (they were not due in till after 2100) and MacKenzie and Kevin who were joining us on the walk in the morning. We settled down for a few beers and some food and at around 2130 we headed upstairs to a function room for the Quiz Alan had prepared for us. We split into groups and after an exciting quiz my group were presented with the booby prize, a box of "Brains" beer hahaha. Malky's group won the quiz, ermmmm actually Malky won the quiz hahaha and it was then time to bring out the jokes and the guitar. After a rousing period of drunken banter and singing it was time for bed.

In no time atall the sun was up and we were suited and booted and on our way to Pen-Y-Pas at around 0900. Malky had set of at about 0700 for one of his big walks and Foggieclimber set of not long after for a route he had also planned to do solo. The rest of us were parked up a couple of kilometres from the pass and Eli (MissesStar) kindly ferried us from the cars to the start of the walk. The sun was shining at the hotel but when we got to the pass there was clag covering the summit of Snowden and it was windy. Mwis had forecast gusting of 60 miles per hour on Snowden so walking the Crib Goch was going to be a difficult decision unless of course your Radio Rental as Foggieclimber called us hahaha.

We set off walking along the Pyg track for approximately 2km. It was now decision time. With Alan and martins approval five of us decided to climb upto Crib Goch and make a decision whether or not to continue as we gained height. So Alan, Martin, Me, Kevin and Mackenzie set of up the track then choose a direct ascent up the steep slope. The others, Carol, Stretch, Calamityjayne, Nathan, Brian and Tam were contant to take the ladies option oops i mean the safe option. hahaha As we we were ascending groups of walkers/climbers were descending. I asked each of them if they had started early and done the reverse ridge but the answer was no. They had climbed up to near the ridge and decided due to the strength of the wind they were not continuing and decided to climb back down. Scary stuff hahaha. However we continued up the slope and onto the steep rockface and arrived at the start of the ridge proper a short time later. There is a small recess here below the ridge wall which is a good area to replenish food and water and sort your kit out before tackling the ridge. The two youngsters then headed out into the gusting wind and onto the top of the ridge. I followed and the two auld yins were bringing up the rear hahaha. There is a small path on the North side of the ridge at this point which you could stand on and hold the ridge summit as you walk along however we didn't bother with that nonsense but walked along the apex of the ridge with the wind gusting trying to blow us off. In all honesty if you fell here it would be curtains. As I went along I could see a path on the South side of the ridge but again we basically kept to the highest points on the ridge and climbed over the pinnacles. It was tremendous and exhilarating at the same time with the wind creating a little fear factor. At one point MacKenzie said "**** that was me nearly blown off then" hahaha. The ridge was unrelenting but tremendous and we eventually dropped of the last rockface/pinnacle onto an open track. It was now another scramble up the Crib-Y-Ddysgl ridge to the trig point on Garnedd Ugain. This was good fun and not anywhere near as demanding as Crib Goch. It was now an easy descent to the beallach and follow the hoards up to the summit of Snowdon. The weather was excellent but it was crowded. We headed into the cafe and met the rest of the guys and dolls that had taken the path to the summit. Martin said that he had never been on the Crib Goch ridge with it being deserted. We were the only group up there for the first half then others started to follow. Some of the groups that had descended came over and asked us if it would be safe for them to reverse the ridge. I wasn't so sure about giving advice but they had all the gear and obviously were experienced so Alan assured them that if they took there time it would be ok.

Whilst we stopped in the cafe for refreshments, Martin continued along the horseshoe. We would catch him up on our way round. Alan was joining the main group so the youngsters and I set of at the run down the scree path heading down the SE slope of Snowdon passed loads of bewildered walkers. After about 1km we met up with martin and headed up the ridge to Y Lliwedd. This was a sustained scramble over the rocks keeping about 1m from the sheer cliff to the north. There is a path but we didn't want to take that hahaha. There were also three climbers on the rock face. Again this was good fun and we soon arrived at the summit. It was now an easy descent down the hillside to the minors track and then the tarmac track back to Pen-Y-Pas. After more cafe refreshments we headed down the track to Pen-y-Gwyrd to where the cars were parked. Martin headed of with MacKenzie to ferry the others to the cars whilst I drove back to the hotel with Kevin.

Later I drove Kevin and MacKenzie back to there village and had pie and chips at the chip shop. The chip shop frier was very large so probably related to MacKenzie hahaha

This walk was outstanding. Its the most exhilarating and demanding walk I have done. More so that the AE. The wind made it more difficult than it would normally have been but its a great round to do. It would be less demanding if you stuck to the paths where there were paths but to traverse over the apex and pinnacles is just superb.

After dinner Alan held another quiz, my team came last again hahah but only by two points. We then had drinks and banter in the bar with a joke thrown in for good measure.

After a good nights sleep on Saturday night we awoke to pouring rain and I decided that i would head back to Scotland..

What a superb weekend. Great company. Great weather and a great walk. Never to be forgotten.
The Digs.JPG
The Motley Crew minus Kevin and MacKenzie.JPG
The troops on the path to Snowdon.JPG
MacKenzie and Kevin at the start of the ridge.JPG
Alan and Martin ascending to the ridge.JPG
looking down on Llyn Llydaw.JPG
Kevin at the rest point before walking the ridge.JPG
looking over to Cwm Glas Mawr.JPG
Martin and Alan feck me its windy hahaha.JPG
ascent up Crib Goch.jpg
The ridge walking along the apex.jpg
Kevin and Mac on the ridge.jpg
Kevin following me down one of the pinnacles.JPG
Martin on a little climb.jpg
Descending the second pinnacle.jpg
The lads coming down of the last piece of the Crib Goch ridge.JPG
View down the valley to Nant Peris.JPG
MacKenzie having a rest, Poseur hahaha.JPG
Kevin on Snowdon summit.JPG
View from the summit.JPG
Another view from the summit.JPG
View of Crib Goch ridge.JPG
On the path down to the Llyn.JPG
Looking back up Snowdon.jpg
MacKenzie on Y Lliwedd.jpg
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Re: Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby Rekrab » Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:46 pm

nice pics. the one of me laying down is magic as if there isn't a 2000ft drop below.

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Re: Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby Bod » Mon Oct 24, 2011 12:26 am

Great report Monty, enjoyed it loads.........the read and the pics! :D :D :D
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Re: Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby b-illie » Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:13 am

Superb report, Monty, glad you all came back down safe and sound from Crib Goch and had such a fab time! :D Have excellent memories of Snowdon, although we did not venture up the Horseshoe, but climbed up via the Watkin Path and then down again via Pyg and Miners' Track (or so I think; walking diary out of reach, so cannot verify). A great mountain nonetheless!
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Re: Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby b-illie » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:13 am

PS: We did not have the banter and the jokes to go with our walk, though, which must have been the icing on the cake of this w/e! :lol:
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Re: Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby walk aboot » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:23 am

Top report, monty :thumbup: :-D
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Re: Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby calamityjane » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:34 am

Great report Monty! tho I don't think you mentioned how many people you passed on the way up!! PS Hope your hands have healed :D
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Re: Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby Jockstar » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:50 am

Monty in his report captures every good thing about this walk..Well done :D The pics are also great and I especially like the one of Lyn Llydaw, though many of them are superb. Looked like a good challenge in the conditions to go along that ridge. Well done everyone :D Nice bit of spelling too - always a good test :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby Kevin29035 » Mon Oct 24, 2011 11:05 am

Great report monty, was a great day, Crib Goch was good and for once I'm not pulling crazy faces in the photos.
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Re: Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby mountainstar » Mon Oct 24, 2011 11:43 am

Surely this will win trip report of the month???!!! :roll: :-D :( :wink: :clap: :crazy: :eh: :problem: :shh: :shifty: :sick: :silent: :think: :thumbdown: :thumbup: :wtf: :wave:
Cracking stuff Monty, and that goes for the whole weekend, my sides were aching Friday night with your version of Brown (one) eyed girl :lol:
Yes a pity about the spelling here and there, I can let you off with the Welsh words, but the English ones! :shock:
Anyway here is the video to go with the walk/climb, after seeing your little bit of shooting in the middle it makes my effert look pretty good :lol:
So pleased you made it, would not have been the same without you :clap: :D
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Re: Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby malky_c » Mon Oct 24, 2011 12:41 pm

Nice one Monty. It's not all about legth when it comes to writing trip reports - this is one of your best :D

Glad you enjoyed it despite the lack of tickable Munros, and a great meet. Good to see you again (even if we never did have that windfarm discussion in the end :wink: :shifty: :lol: ).
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Re: Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby monty » Mon Oct 24, 2011 4:20 pm

Thanks everyone. What a great meet up with some old friends and some new friends. Great video by Mountanstar. Look forward to talking windfarms on the next meet hahaha by which time my hands will be healed :lol:

Re: Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby skuk007 » Mon Oct 24, 2011 6:36 pm

Great report Monty, looks a fab walk. I think I would have been a "woos" if I had been there, saving this one for a wind free, sunny day.
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Re: Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby kevsbald » Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:00 pm

Monty, great stuff but I'm not sure it is good enough to win WOTM.... :D
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Re: Walk Highlands meet up and Snowdon Horseshoe

Postby monty » Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:38 pm

Thanks Skuk007,
Shame you couldnt make it. You would have enjoyed it. :D

Hi Kev,
As reports go its no bad. :D You missed a great meet and you would have loved the ridge :D

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