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Cearcall nan Steall /Ring of Steall

PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:27 pm
by Collaciotach
Uill bha mi ag rádh bhith e coig air fichead bliadhna ach tha mi air ais anns a ' beannean .... I live 40 miles West of An Gearasdan Dubh / Ft William so ...tha mi fortanach to be in easy reach of many fine hills and fancied a nice long ridge walk so Cearcall nan Steall it was :D

Tóiseachadh air an turas anns a mhadainn boidheachd :D ...... a fine morning

Air an rathad

ach nuair a bha sinn ann Gleann Neibhis ....... 40 miles and steall in Glen Nevis lives onto her name :D

Eas nan Steall

An Gearasdan dubh is a place for rain and Gleann Neibhis was looking kinda mixed ,so off up the hill to An Gearanach with nice wee views to An Coirean Liath agus Binnein Beag

Binnien Beag agus an coire liath.JPG
Beinnien beag is An Coirean liath

An Gearanach agus an druim .... first of the day :D

An Gearanach.JPG
An Gearanach

Bha an t-side neonach ,ceó ,sgoth is grianan .. mixed weather with lots of cloud hanging around but the views kept opening up ....... ach nuair a bha mi air Stob Coire a Chairn

Stob Coire a Chairn

Uill bha an Grian a fhalbh nuair a bha sinn air a mhullach nam Bodach ..and the old fella disappeared showing me his tón as the cloud moved in :(

Am Bodach ann a ceó is sgoth

perhaps its no a bad thing i ll no see this "divils ridge" before Sgurr a mhaim :D

ach ! ........

Druin Deamhain.JPG
Druim Deamhain

Well the cloud started to lift and i got a good eyeful although nothing to worry about here :D

An rathad streap !.JPG
An rathad streap

The cloud was lifting well now and i get a good look at the druim she is no as fierce as i thought :)

an bac deamhain Sgurr a Mhaim.JPG
An bac an deamhain Sgurr nam Mhaim

Well we spent an half hour enjoying good views all round then the sgothan started rolling back in :(

Céo Sgurr a Mhaim.JPG
Mo cu is sgothan Sgurr a Mhaim

So....... bha e sios an druim agus seallaidh gu Bheinn Neibhis
Beinn Neibhis

Tha latha math agadsa a ribhist ... and no quite the punishing route i expected , bha mi dhachaidh aig 5.30pm thats the beauty of living ann an Gaidhealtachd an Iar :lol:

Abair Seallaidh agus an Gearasdan Dubh

Re: Cearcall nan Steall /Ring of Steall

PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:40 pm
by NevJB
Wonderful, moody pictures - when I did this the light was a flat as a pancake. Gaelic to boot - only understand the odd word, but it's great to hear it spoken - I can't even begin to pronounce the written word :( Thanks for that - really enjoyed the report.

Re: Cearcall nan Steall /Ring of Steall

PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2011 10:00 pm
by Alan S
Fantastic stuff Collaciotach, Cant think of another report on here written like that. Brilliant 8)
Some nice pictures too, Well done :D