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Dodging fireworks on Cruach Ardrain

PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 6:20 pm
by dogplodder
In common with most of their species our dogs don't like fireworks. :( This is not a good time of year for them. Jack gets agitated and barks furiously and Tess (failed gundog) hides under my desk and shakes. The way things worked out this time last year we were staying in a cottage near Crianlarich and didn't hear a single firework which was bliss and the dogs were happy! :D It was a wet week and the day of the 5th looked the best prospect for getting in a hill. Although it's not his thing Pete agreed to come with me to Inverlochlarig to have a go at climbing Cruach Ardrain and Beinn Tulaichean. :thumbup:

We parked in the parking area just west of Loch Voil and followed the track past Rob Roy's final home at Inverlochlarig Farm where he died in 1736. We were greeted by two enthusiastic black labs from one of the houses and obediently went round the farm as indicated by the signs, although part of that path goes through a quagmire I was tempted to avoid on the return. :evil: Once through the gate the vehicle track gives easy walking up Glen Inverlochlarig. I decided for Pete's sake not to head straight up the slopes of Beinn Tulaichean but to keep to the track then turn west up to the bealach between the two. The going was steady ascent on grassy slopes but hard work for a non walker and about two thirds of the way up Pete was flagging. :o So we came up with the plan that I'd leave him with a copy of the map and go on with the dogs, climb Cruach Ardrain and meet him later on the ridge on the way back to Tulaichean.

As I reached the ridge I disappeared into the cloud so there are very few pics from this walk.

Cruach Ardrain in cloud from climb up to ridge

There was a brief spell of visibility when I saw Tulaichean from the bealach but then it was into the murk again. The path was easy to follow and at the cairn before the summit I met a group of 8 who had walked up from Crianlarich and from the way they were talking it sounded a more exhausting way than the way I had come. The leader wanted to include Beinn Tulaichean but there was rebellion in the ranks and he was out-voted - which does seem a shame when they were so close. :o I went on ahead not wanting to delay meeting up with Pete again and thought I was approaching the summit cairn when the true summit suddenly loomed ahead out of the clag. Good thing I saw it as I'd have been gutted to find I had stopped just short! There being no visible views I didn't even take a pic of the dogs at the cairn but scooted off down the path and back to the bealach to look for Pete. But there was no sign of him. I dropped down a bit lower, called him, blew the whistle but he wasn't there and he never heard me. :?

What had happened was he'd taken my pointing in the direction of the ridge and saying I'd meet him on the ridge as meaning literally the point he could see me pointing to - and the actual ridge was a bit beyond that. So after waiting there for what he felt was long enough he very sensibly made his way back down to the track and to the car. I figured this is what he'd have done. I also figured Tulaichean was too close not to climb. So off I went up the path reaching the cairn very easily but again was in such a hurry I took no photographic evidence I did so. But the dogs will vouch for me! 8) Then rather than following the WH direction off the hill I took a north easterly diagonal line since that took me towards the area we came up just in case Pete was still somewhere on the hill (although I was sure he'd be back at the car). It's a shame we don't have mobile signals in these places as that could be useful at times like these!

Coming down slopes of Beinn Tulaichean

There were sheep about on the lower slopes but Jack was very good and apart from looking at them listened to my firm instructions to leave them alone!

Coming down Beinn Tulaichean

It wasn't long before we were down on the vehicle track leading back to Inverlochlarig Farm

As we approached the farm it was lovely to see Pete walking up the track to meet us. :D He'd been chatting to the farmer who said he didn't like it when walkers split up. He recalled a time a wife had turned back but the husband had gone on and the wife had then gone out again looking for him. The husband duly returned and they had ended up calling out Mountain Rescue to find the missing wife. :? So that was my wrist gently slapped! But I was back at the farm by 4.00 and always knew exactly where I was so I don't know what they were getting steamed up about.

View west towards Beinn a'Chroin, An Caisteal and Beinn Chabhair

These two were the first of the Crianlarich hills I'd climbed and they have certainly whetted my appetite for more. A beautiful area and great hills! :D

Re: Dodging fireworks on Cruach Ardrain

PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 8:25 pm
by Bod
Was this today or last year? As we were up today and had some great spells of weather, and a great walk. Going to post tomorrow..... :D

Re: Dodging fireworks on Cruach Ardrain

PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 8:42 pm
by dogplodder
Bod wrote:Was this today or last year? As we were up today and had some great spells of weather, and a great walk. Going to post tomorrow..... :D

This was last year, as is suggested by 2010 being the given date :lol:

Imagine you got better weather today. Looking forward to your report! :D