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circular from Kirkhope

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:20 am
by Tinto63

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The conversation went something like this: "why don't you go for a walk on Wednesday Dear, I'm out with some friends from the Rural at lunchtime, and out to the theatre with S in the evening" When the weather is set fair who can refuse an offer like that?

Like many of you I have a list of to do hills and one of these was Shiel Dod, a hill that misses out on being a Donald by less than 10m of relative height, and one that I had missed on previous walks around Ballencleuch Law.

First thing to strike me once I had parked was i) it was still below O degrees C and ii) even at low levels there was a keen SE breeze. As a result a thicker fleece went on under the jacket and fleecy hat was worn from the off. I set off southwards on the good track that leads to Daerhead, but turned off at 969049 and headed SW up Ewe Gair and onto Shiel Dod, this was quite hard going, soft snow over springy heather, Shiel Dod did not appear to have a cairn or an identifiable top so a quick wander convinced me that I had reached the top. I knew that there was a hill road nearby and found this and made good progress SW to Wedder Law and then NW past Carsehope Middens (some wonderful names in this part of the Lowthers) and then NE onto the slopes of Scaw'd Law. Continued NE on quad bike tracks over Ballencleuch Law and Rodger Law and then down Watchman's Brae to the start point. As you can see from the attached pics the sun shone all day but the temperature remained below zero. A great day out on rolling hills.

A nice example of an Oxbow on the Carsehope Burn looking towards Kirkhope and Crookburn

Looking towards Shiel Dod

track up to Wedder Law

Scaw'd Law from Wedder Law

Lowther Hill and Green Lowther from Scaw'd Law - there's that golf ball again.

My report from last Saturday was for Well Hill, at the top of the fence line in this shot.

the unusual fence post cairn on Ballencleuch Law

horizontal icicles on fence wire from above, Ballencleuch Law

... and from below

Trig point on Rodger Law looking towards Queensberry

Well Hill from Rodger Law

Re: circular from Kirkhope

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:10 am
by kevsbald
I like your eye for the unusual photos. Very nice. And who can refuse a wife's demands to go forth and walk?

Re: circular from Kirkhope

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:09 pm
by Tinto63
Thanks Kevsbald. Not me, even (or is it especially) after 44 years of 'wedded bliss'!