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A pleasant day out either side of Loch Cuaich.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:21 am
by gaffr
I had never visited the Graham, Creag Ruadh, a short easy approach walk in from the noisy A9 following the concrete canal. Had also not been to the higher summit of Meall Cuaich on a day without cloud cover and snow. Monday was windless and clear so I was looking forward to a pleasant day out in the hills.
1 Cuaich from the Graham Creag Ruadh HPIM5792.jpg
I had, after descending from Ruadh, intended to reach Cuaich from the slopes above the end of Loch Cuaich but after a bit of stumbling through the steepish terrain...deep heather and hidden boulders... down to the end of the loch I changed my plan and follow the loch back to the normal path up to Cuaich.
2 estate hut for Grouse beaters lunch maybe HPIM5794.jpg
Looks like a lot goes on in nthis area....boathouse for fishing on the loch?, Grouse area and lots of hydro power activity....water tunnels/pipes through from the Gaick loch?
3Not good attire when no snow around HPIM5796.jpg
Easy prey for hungry predators maybe.
4 Cuaich top out towards the cairngorms HPIM5798.jpg
Eastwards out towards the Cairngorms away into the distance.
5 Cuaich looking out westwards to the bealach dubh HPIM5802.jpg
Westwards out towards the bealach Dubh and the Alders.
6 Lower down on Cuaich HPIM5803.jpg
Looks as if the muir burn is a few weeks earlier this year.A couple of the Drumochter Hills, the Alders and those on the other side of the bealach dubh.
Cuaich seems to be a fine viewing platform for several hill areas.....I guess that someone with a better camera/lens would get good results up here. Me I have a wee point and shoot camera.