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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 9:13 pm
by hughiek
Saturday morning heading off from bothy at Portnalong for meet up at Glen Brittle camp site with me were two off my sons Sean and Cameron ,Kieron middle son was staying at bothy due to earlier pinning off his leg with "footie injury."
Met at camp site with Sid and Maggie who have plodded with me, Paddy a old old friend with Neil, Craig and Fergus and oh Sids dog Whisky, this was my final munro and after some debate we agreed to go for it despite weather being wet grey and windy. Up into Coire Lagan and agreed to head up by An Stac screes, reasonable walk into this and good banter between us all was had, gained ridge in not to bad time and stopped to have a bite to eat, weather grim serious gusts and buffeting taking place, could hear the shouting off instructions from others coming from direction off the In Pin and agreed to drop just below An Stac to escape wind and made our way to base of In Pin.

On reaching base we could see a waiting line already there and knew we had await, some debate but Paddy our trusty leader said we should go for it so who was going up the beastie and well me obviously as it was the last one after many years though I hoped Paddy was going to say" not today Hughie old mate" but nope he was going to get me up and over, Sean me eldest son said he was up for it despite not having been out on hills for a couple of years, Craig who had done it twice and Fergus a work mate of Paddy from east coast Stonehaven way was up for it, Neil was going to make sure we were all rigged up right, asked Sid , Maggie and Whisky to look after and take care of Cameron my 15 year old for me left in good hands.

Hanging about for what seemed forever waiting for others who were ahead off us no complaints folks it just seemed long and cold and wind getting worse, at last time to get on it last minute checks instuctions doubts plus plus but Paddy away on lead , then the shout off safe, "climb when ready" that was me " Climbing" off I went with a smile to Sean who
would follow me with Craig and Fergus waiting till we finished then going over with Paddy for his second time today!!

Despite my reservations once I was on the move I felt good despite the water running up my arms, I at one point could not quite find a hand hold but suddenly it was there, Paddy at first pitch saying alright Hughie your doing well mate.
Clipped into the sling and waited on Sean appearing out greyness and mist and then he was there.
Paddy moved on to top and we repeated the process till we were both on top with him ,having straddled the narrow section , jings it was whipping up a gale, Paddy to work setting up abseil in appaling conditions what a star just kept working at it and then yup Hughie you are first more instructions and I was off wow wild wind off this end and half way down the safety rope was jammed !! Paddy shouting down to me "Hughie I am taking you off the safety rope" bloody hell that sounds dodgy but yup as soon as he did I could move easier and I was down with Fergus waiting on me.
He and Craig were not going over as they had waited all in 2 plus hours for us more like 3. I got off the belay and headed round to see Cameron who had been freezing but given a lovely comfy jumper from Maggie to wear under his waterproofs and had went for a sleep at the wee stone circle at the base, I was so glad to see him safe and i think he was relieved to see me, quick run back round to see Sean and Paddy, hurrah all safe -- right off this hill head for west ridge yup agreed, at this point lucky if we could see 6 feet in front horrible getting, after walking around for about an easy hour plus and unable to find west ridge despite maps compass G.P.S. though maps turning to pulp.

it turns up I had been the only one ever on the west ridge and that was in good weather we agreed to head back to In Pin and descend by route of ascent off we went up and over again there was the In Pin again rearing up out of mist, now down we go ah but we missed the cut off and kept descending till with boulders bouncing by us one walloped Fergus who went head over heels 3 times then jumped up shouting" I am alright I have my helmet on " with Sean looking at him in absolute disbelief, debate followed with Paddy and Neil deciding we need to go back up yup they were right and up through what was now a river Sean saying to me "we are going to be stuck here tonight "me " me replying"no we will get off here tonight" Sean thinking wait all you guys so experienced and we cant yet find our way off!! I still had faith we would get there, Cameron looking cold and tired. No we all were.

Up and up there was the In Pin again for the 3rd time Paddy at front shouted to Neil to check a cut off to our right Neil disappeared for a couple of minute then back shouting way down oh joy joy all of us scrambling down, round we went oh yeah this looks familiar, getting darker now, 10 minutes later there were the An Stac Screes every one just ecstatic,

Sean and Cameron off at great pace down the screes Cameron claims to have half the screes lodged in his behind!! had to call on them a couple of times to wait for the old ones, down to the Coire and head torches on, missed path a few times but sound navigating from Craig got us back onto it and there was the lights at the toilet blocks hurrah.

Back to cars boots off Paddy and Neil over from their camper van with 2 bottles of Champagne Maggie with half bottle of whisky short speech swigging off bubbly and whisky and Sean talking off the other Whisky being "the bravest dug he has ever met".

Thanks to all and agreed on next meet being in better weather. paddy and I looking at a another good torridon weekend having done so in past.
To the crew who all played there part but Paddy ya star leader.

Got to top of GLen Brittle with Sid and Maggie following when Sean got phone signal contacted Kieron at bothy who tells us Shirley my wife has contacted Mountain rescue ( rightly so we were over by 3 hours no signals etc) Sean phoned Shirley mum relief Called off the rescue team sorry sorry for that team and glad you did not need to get up to early as i know you were going out looking for us in the morning, thanks to police for keeping in touch with Shirley and humble apologies for distress caused to any one espically Kieron waiting back at the bothy your a star.

Back at bothy Daniel another mate had came over to sit with Kieron cheers daniel. phone calls to home Shirley glad to hear from us grovel apology nope well done Hughie says Shirley you done it at last, whoosh emotions all over the place cooked pasta for all and drink downed, Sid Maggie and I out sat the young ones and sat having a wee swally till late. slept well that night.

Well in the words of Paddy "that was an epic" some way to finish the munros my humble thanks to all who were with me on the day Sean. Cameron, Paddy. Neil. Craig, Fergus,Sid and Maggie and Whisky the dug, and those who did not come on to hill Kieron back at the bothy, Daniel. Maureen and their bairn Suilven and Shirley back at home plus Davie the post on phone support.
Done done done yup an epic.
Hughie k

Re: In Pin

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 10:01 pm
by Stretch
Congrats on the big finish Hughie, sounds like a real exciting and adventurous way to tick off the last munro! I take it there were no pics of this due to the weather?

Re: In Pin

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 10:31 pm
by hughiek
Hi Stretch nope small digital camera in Camerons ruck sack ended up a wee bit wet, think Paddy and Craig may have got some pics hopefully will get them to me.
Cheers for the congrats and it has been a long time started at primary school around 1966 now I am 51 and done though looking forward to still wandering many more hills.

Re: In Pin

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:01 pm
by skuk007
Well done Hughie, many congratulations. I wonder how many others would leave this beast to last!

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:51 pm
by yokehead
What an epic, congratulations on your round and thanks for sharing your tale. 8)

Re: In Pin

PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:38 pm
by monarchming
Yep,magic Hughie and very well done! Fab effort to finish with the In Pin :clap: :thumbup:

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 5:51 pm
by hughiek
skuk007 wrote:Well done Hughie, many congratulations. I wonder how many others would leave this beast to last!
Cheers was not the original plan to finish on it but had to come off it twice before due to conditions, so got there at last though Paddy my mate was always keen on it being my last.