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Better a bad day on the hills than a good day fitting ovens

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 9:49 pm
by kenny3760
So there I was planning to remove the old oven and install the new one. The weather outside looked not too bad so a quick check of MWIS and it was 20% chance of clear summits rising to 80% later in the day. That’ll do for me, the oven can wait.

So quickly got my gear together, made up a couple of sarnies and into the motor heading for Sgurr Breac and A’Chailleach to complete that wee section of the Fannichs. Got to the carpark just about 10:20 and was on my way for 10:30.

Took a couple of pics just as I was heading off and although it didn’t look too promising the forecast was for things to improve. Headed up Druim Reidh to quickly get some height.


Up over the peat hags and then took the path off to the right that runs above Loch Toll an Lochan.


This brings you out after a bit of scrambling over some rocky and narrow path sections to the bealach between Toman Coinich and A’Chailleach.

Now it’s fair to say that at this stage the forecast had gone a bit wrong, and I took shelter from the horizontal snow and hail behind the largest rock I could find :( . Waited for about 10 minutes then decided to head up A’Chailleach.

Set off up the easy to follow path with little to no views to speak off. The clouds came and went, well more came and hung about, however on the bright side the snow stopped and the wind dropped. :lol:

I soon reached the summit

and it was surprisingly nice for about 5 minutes,


before the clouds came along again.


It wasn’t too bad so grabbed some food and drink then started to head down. The wind picked up, the snow started and to top it all through the gaps in the clouds I was also in sunshine :? .

Back to the bealach then up to Toman Coinich where I met another walker. We lamented about the weather and the chances of seeing anything worthwhile for about 5 minutes then I headed off up to Sgurr Breac. Followed the path up and soon reached the summit.

Hung about for a while hoping to get some views across to Sgurr nan Clach Geala but the clouds just would not shift high enough.

So that was that, back to Toman Coinich and straight down Druim Reidh. Kept stopping and hoping for that 80% chance of clear summits but I must have been stuck in the other 20%.


Got back to the car 6 hours after I had started, a little disappointed, but I’ll tell you one thing: Better a bad day in the hills than a good one fitting ovens.

Now the hard part, explaining why the new one is still sitting in the garage. Wish me luck.

Re: Better a bad day on the hills than a good day fitting ov

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 10:39 pm
by rockhopper
don't think you should feel disappointed - bit of a mixed bag with the weather but you did get some dramatic looking photos - cheers :D

re the oven, you could always try the age old excuse...."there's a part missing, dear, and I'll have to go to the local DIY store to get a new one" :wink:

Re: Better a bad day on the hills than a good day fitting ov

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 10:50 pm
by PeteR
Don't tell my Mrs, but I'm with you on the oven front :lol:

If you wait an hour or so I can show you what you missed, as I was up this way a couple of weekends ago and probably got all the vews you missed. Was just about to post my report and pictures :thumbup: Hopefully the pictures will give you the excuse to return and do them again on a good day :D Although as Rockhopper says, you got some good atmospheric pictures there :D

Re: Better a bad day on the hills than a good day fitting ov

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 10:19 am
by kenny3760
Cheers guys. The pictures are pretty atmospheric come to think of it. I just seem to be having a bit of a run of cloudy days on the tops just now.

Next on my list are Meall Gorm and An Coileachan, from Loch Fannich.