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Seana Bhraigh

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 1:40 pm
by bootsandpaddles

Bank Holidays! The car park at Inverlael was pretty full by the time we arrived and we weren’t late. Most people seemed to be heading for Beinn Dearg, however. I didn’t really want to do one of the more remote Munros only to find it was like walking down Sauchiehall Street!

At the signpost for Beinn Dearg at the edge of the forest we turned off left and picked up the zigzag path up the Druim na Saobhaidhe.
Looking towards Beinn Dearg
After a short distance there is a large gate to climb over and then it is a matter of following the narrow path across the hillside.
It's a long way to Seana Bhraigh
After a couple of km the path drops down to cross the Allt Gleann a Mhadaidh. It then follows the burn for about a km before gradually rising and turning the corner into Coire an Lochain Sgeirich. The string of lochans in a splendid isolated setting under dark cliffs is really beautifully eerie.
Coire an Lochain Sgeirich
Coire an Lochain Sgeirich

The path emerges on to flatter ground and we finally had a glimpse of Seana Bhraigh. On the map the path disappears near a small lochan but on the ground it continues further and there are some small cairns to mark the way. Then it does actually disappear (or perhaps we just lost it) but it reappears once you drop down onto the broad plateau containing Loch a Chadha Dheirg. The dramatic cliffs of Cadha Dearg appeared to our left and then promptly vanished in the clouds.
Once past the loch the path is reasonably clear, rising up on to the ridge. As we reached the ridge the weather took a distinct turn for the worse: a strong wind and blinding snow and hail. I hadn’t thought I would need goggles in May! Taking a bearing we headed for the spot height of 906 and then battled on to the summit cairn.
The summit
With the wind behind us the return trip along the ridge was more pleasant and we were soon dropping back down to the loch.
Cliffs on the way down
Glean a Chadha Dheirg
It was a bit of a slog back up to Coire an Lochain Sgeirich where we stopped for something to eat. The hail started up again and it seemed like a long way back to the river crossing and the descent to Inverlael. Only saw two people all day.

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Re: Seana Bhraigh

PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2012 12:43 pm
by davetherave
Thanks for jogging my memory on Seana Bhraigh. We did a circuit up there a couple weeks ago. Turned out to be one of our best winter experiences to dated.

Thanks again Dave.