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A Sunday session on Schiehallion

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:55 pm
by shelbyandamonkey
A weekend in Stirling visiting friends and wandering the Ochils was nicely rounded off with a wee wander up Schiehallion on Sunday last week.

Looking over Dumyat and Stirling

A few mates joined us, amongst them one who has never done any kind of hillwalking before. We drove up via the hill road from Stirling to Aberfeldy, and fair bonny a drive it is as well :) Coming over into Aberfeldy we go the first glimpse of the days aim:

Our target for the day looking HUGE!

We all rendevouzed at the Braes of Foss car park and were off by about half nine, and it was already busy with lots of folk out enjoying the day. I found this strange as so far all the hills I've been up have been empty, usually just me and the other half, it was an interesting change.The weather was looking promising at this point, warmish, high cloud level and patchy sunshine.





The paths very obvious all the way up, and until half way its a straightforward and well constructed path up to the broad ridge. Soon we chatted to a guy with his wee scoot of a daughter aged 5 who had just completed her first Munro....well done!! :clap: He warned us it was -3 at the summit...eeek!




Layers at the ready we carried on and soon enough it got both more interesting and colder as we started the clamber over the boulderfield. about 45 minutes later with everyones ankles intact we made the summit, and had a wee celebration with a couple of shared beers to celebrate Carolyns first Munro! :clap: The summit was more interesting than I expected, rocky with lots of opportunity to have a wee scramble about. Views were fantastic in all directions and we could see right over Rannoch Moor to Beauchallie Etive Mor and the entrance to Glencoe....wonderful! Was a bit horrified to see a girl in skinny jeans, pumps and a t shirt on...god knows how she made it without breaking anything :crazy: it was pretty cold up top too!









We then reversed the same route back, with eagle eye Mike spotting a very well camoflaged Ptarmigan amongst the rocks.
can you spot him?

There he is!

We got back to the car park with Carolyns poor feet suffering from blisters...but I think she might be hooked...another converted. :wink:
Overall found Schiehallion a suprising wee hill, great rewarding summit with not too much effort.

Re: A Sunday session on Schiehallion

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:25 pm
by Johnny Corbett
Had a wee sesh up there myself recently on a compleation party :D That Schiehallion lager though gets the :thumbdown:

Re: A Sunday session on Schiehallion

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:25 pm
by ScottishLeaf
I enjoyed Schiehallion, the boulder field gives it a lot of character and it has to be one of the most iconic hills in Scotland.
But as Johnny says, the hill is a lot better than the lager bearing it's name!!