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Chrisabelle and Charlie conquer a corbett

PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:11 pm
by Chrisabelle
I was originally going to do this walk tomorrow (Friday) but the forecast monsoon made me change my mind. An appointment at the dentist meant a late start and got to Succoth car park at noon. A five minute wait to cross the road and we were on our way up the zig zags, Charlie going ahead and looking back to see where I was, oh how things would change! :roll:

I don't do uphill very well and keep stopping to rest, its why I only do big hills on the long summer ( :wink: ) days to allow myself plenty time. I decided as I was starting late that if I wasn't at the top by 6pm I would give up and come down.
The zig zags are quite steep but plenty stops to take photos and they eventually passed.


The top gets closer with each step.

A pleasant walk through the boulders followed where I more or less kept up with Charlie.
I didn't meet many other people on the walk but did meet one chap with his border collie having just walked Bein Nanairn who stopped to pass the time and to give advice when I said I was going up the Cobbler. I continued on my way making good progress. A short break for lunch amongst the boulders then taking the left turn I proceeded up the scramble (opposite to walk description given on WH).
As we approached the scramble Charlie was doing his usual sniffing around and I turned to see where he was as he lifted his head and looked at where we were headed, how I wish I had caught that look on camera! Priceless! He looked up then at me then back at the route as if to say " I hope we're not going up there".
Charlie did not like the scramble and in places I had to shove the 25Kg dog up the rocks. On one occassion he was wandering off when I was finding a suitable path for us and I realised he was distracted by a loan sheep in among the rocks. My deepest apologies to the climbers I later saw nearby when I swore very loudly at the daft dog! Very unladylike and not my usual self at all, though it had the desired effect and Charlie came back. (I have a 23yr old son who thinks it hilarious that he has trained the dog to respond to the "f" word). He usually responds to me without the use of swear words.

I must admit that I found the scramble a little difficult and Charlie didnt like it at all, kept trying to go back down. :shock:
We eventually got to the top. Two photos taken on phone, can't get them any bigger.


I did take photo of the needle but I seem to have lost it!!!Aaaaaaaagh! I'm not going back to take another! :lol:
After a short break and taking loads of photos of the views I headed down the stairs and off the hill. Where was Charlie? Lying down, resting. That was the way it continued all the way down, me stopping every few minutes to let him catch up and stopping about every 30mins for 5mins for him to rest.

Once back down on the path its a straight forward walk back to Succoth. I stopped for a while on a memorial bench to a Tam McAuley, it's in a gorgeous position overlooking Arrochar and the loch. The sun was shining, as I could see clouds gathering over Ben Lomond and a lone fisherman in a boat on the loch, lovely scene that I couldn't do justice with my camera.
A great hill that I can now say I've conquered although technically as I didn't "thread the needle" I didn't. It was also the first time I tried a hill with only Charlie for company, shame he can't take photos of me!
As for Charlie, I don't think he will be as keen to come out with me when he sees the rucksack being packed!

Re: Chrisabelle and Charlie conquer a corbett

PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:42 pm
by ScottishLeaf
Well done on getting to the top :)

Agree with you about the view from that bench, very fine indeed :)

Re: Chrisabelle and Charlie conquer a corbett

PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 3:48 pm
by soulminer
You and Charlie seemed to have enjoyed it ( well most of it :lol: )
The zig-zags are a real pain though, never have been keen on them :thumbdown: But the Cobbler is a great wee walk with some fine views as a reward :) The views along the Loch from the bench are good.
Maybe taking the Chaos Collies up soon as my work is 'doing' this as one of the Charity events, may just join in for the walk.

Re: Chrisabelle and Charlie conquer a corbett

PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:59 pm
by Chrisabelle
Thanks scottishLeaf and soulminer we did enjoy the walk and the elation when we did get to the top made it worthwhile, for me anyway, not so sure about Charlie. Took him until after 10am to surface today. maybe Bein Nanairn next? (Charlie just hid under the table!) :lol:

Re: Chrisabelle and Charlie conquer a corbett

PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:19 pm
by morag1
Well done Chrisabelle and charlie :clap:

Sounds as though it was a bit too steep for Charlie but I'm sure he'll do better on his next one now he knows what to expect

Chrisabelle wrote: he has trained the dog to respond to the "f" word
:lol: :lol: :lol: