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An Socach

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:23 pm
by luckyguy68
Day two of my wee adventure in The Cairngorms. Once again i could easily have bagged some more hills but i have not got my improvisiong head on for straying to far from my plans. :roll: Left Braemar hostel at 0835 and was on the hill by 0850. How splendifico would it be to have this beauty on your doorstep? :thumbup:
An Socach


Once again the weather conditions were almost perfect for walking. Light winds with a mostly overcast sun. I set of following the WH route plan. Once past the empty cottage though i took a right over a burn via an old rickety bridge. It looked well dodgy and at one point i thought it was'nt gonna hold. :crazy: :lol: I skipped over the burn at various stages to maintain a sure footing. Unfortunately, i took the less than direct path upwards. 8) I found myself zig-zagging through course heather and barely visable paths. I knew i had strayed off the main path looking backwards i saw the preferred ascent route. :crazy: Never mind, it was still a good leg stretcher whatever route was followed. :thumbup:
Empty cottage

View to forest and start point

The slog to the summit was pretty relentless. I managed it without stopping though false summit after false summit made me think i was going to be at it all day :crazy: True to form the wind got up at the top requiring the addition of bunnett and gloves :crazy: The wee shelter was well laid out and someone had been maticoulous in placing some sitting stones at stretegic points of the shelter :lol: Took an opportinity to have a munch on some grub at this point before contemplating going on to climb some other peaks. It was at this point that i decided i have a few years in me yet to come back for the others so called it quits. Decided just to descend via the upward route. 8)
Summit shelter

Summit cairn

I was surprised as to how steep it was on the descent. My knees were shot to pieces by the time i reached the bottom. I can only think of how much worse it would hae been if i didnt have my knee supports and walking poles in situ. :lol: My eyes were viewing up the next propositions on approach to the start point. Think i will be up here before the months out. :thumbup: :thumbup: :-P