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Carn Eige & Mam Sodhail including Beinn Fionnlaidh

PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:11 pm
by Greigers
Done by Greigers and Mackenzie with Shadow the Labrador

We parked up at chisolm bridge near the clan cairn and set off around 07:15 taking path to right of the bridge and so the long walk in with a long walk out to match begins Shadow was in high spirits and quickly lead the way and about maybe quarter of a mile in Shadow runs through what he believes to be a puddle on the track which he quickly disappeared into, it made me laugh :D so it was onward bound
the start of the long walk in with an equally long walk out.jpg
weather was kind up to this point but it was going to become very mixed later on.
just before we left river to make way for the shoulder.jpg
Waterfall on right before you leave the river and head for the shoulder.
then the going gets a little tougher you will find yourself following your own path towards the shoulder leading up the bealach towards ridge leading to Carn Eige
Shadow about to play in the snow in the corrie and he did play.jpg
Top of bealach and start of the ridge scramble leading to Carn Eige.jpg
at top of the bealach you start climbing the steep ridge that will eventually take you to the summit
a bit closer to carn Eige summit so near yet so far!.jpg
its quite a long walk along ridge to finally reach the trig point we passed a chimney on route
Mackenzie on top of a chimney we passed on route to summit of carn eige.jpg
beinn fionnlaidh seen from carn eige.jpg
we got a very nice view of our remote neighbour Beinn Fionnlaidh over to the right (north side) as you aim for Carn Eige summit and it looked great! and we finally reached summit of munro number 1 for the day i was set to aquire 3 munros and poor Mackenzie only need Beinn Fionnlaidh :lol:
Myself at carn eige trig point.jpg
so he passed on a photo at summit so only my mug to see 8) we stopped had a bite to eat replenish the energy and we were ready to go get our remote neighbour
Shadow looking up asking are you pair ready to go and tackle Beinn Fionnlaidh yet!.jpg
upon leaving Carn Eige north northwest bearing and begin the steep descent from Carn Eige leading to the bealach between Eige and Fionnlaidh just follow path that takes you all the way to the cairn on top of Beinn Fionnlaidh our views were horrible at this point a rain cloud decided to drift over our heads and it dumped all its moisture on us :shock:
Mackenzie at summit of beinn fionnlaidh.jpg
Myself at summit of  beinn fionnlaidh.jpg
we didnt hang around on Beinn Fionnlaidh and did a U turn and promtly descended and decided to skirt around Eige rather than fully re-ascending more gradual until we hooked up with the path leading up to Mam Sodhail weather at this point was terrible we finally reached the big cairn on mam sodhail climbed inside and had another bite to eat wont show photo of the state we were in :? after our bite to eat in the cold we decided to go for the final slog of the day but was a worth while slog the views across the ridge were amazing when the clag let us have a peak and reveal a very distant sgurr na lapaich
The glorious ridge leading up to sgurr na lapaich from summit of Mam Sohdail.jpg
was a gradual ascent up to the summit staying just above the geological feature until you finally reach the summit we took a couple mobile phone shots before heading back down to finish off the walk descent from sgurr na lapaich was slow going and pretty steep in places but views were great we just headed down aiming for the man made track in the distance with the mentioned U shaped bend and thats your target the just simple follow it to affric lodge then join a new track on level ground taking you to the tarmac road then follow that to reach chisolm bridge and finish of a very long walk! not sure if photos uploaded correctly and my appologies for poor grammar :? all photos courtesy of Mackenzie!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Re: Carn Eige & Mam Sodhail including Beinn Fionnlaidh

PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:17 pm
by rocket-ron
Well done Mark , Rod and shadow. I did these in shocing conditions last year :(

Re: Carn Eige & Mam Sodhail including Beinn Fionnlaidh

PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:33 pm
by mack3n21e
nice one chief. well deserved 3 in the bag for you. :clap: