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Sunshine, Showers and Scary Ducks!

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 5:57 pm
by madasa mongoose
Deuchary Hill is one of my favourite little hills, climbed many times with Corrie dog often taking in Loch Ordie. But Loch Ordie has nothing on Lochan na Beinne. This hidden gem is much less frequently visited and is a tranquil spot in a stunning location. Today we decided (or, to be honest, I decided and Corrie followed) to do a circuit just taking in Deuchary Hill up the WH route from the South, over the top and down past Lochan na Beinne then following the path back that contours round Deuchary’s western slopes. This route has the added benefit of avoiding sheep so is a good option for walkers with dogs.

I parked at the Cally Car Park but this route could just as easily be followed by starting at the layby near Loch of Craiglush and following the path through the trees to reach Mill Dam. Talking of Mill Dam, that reminds me of ducks! Five of them there were, and scary :shock: Well, at least Corrie thought so :lol:

28.07.12 015.jpg
scary ducks!

28.07.12 016.jpg
name that scary duck?

Just before Mill Dam, there are now a plethora of signs directing you this way and that. We followed the high path to Loch Ordie branching right just after the bridge over the stream to head up towards Deuchary Hill.

28.07.12 040.jpg
path crossing south side of Deuchary Hill

We left this path just after it crossed a second stream where another narrow path takes you steeply up the south side of Deuchary, more steeply than my legs were expecting and I was starting to pech! :wtf:

28.07.12 047.jpg
steep path up - c'mon mum!

28.07.12 055.jpg
taking in the view

Storm clouds were brewing and we were soon being pummelled by torrential rain.

28.07.12 061.jpg
storm clouds

So we didn’t hang about at the top and headed quickly down the initially steep north side following the path to Lochan na Beinne.

28.07.12 081.jpg
Lochan na Beinne

With the rain clearing, there was time to paddle and ponder on how fortunate we are to have such stunning landscapes so close to home and yet so wonderfully peaceful. :D

28.07.12 094.jpg
lochan paddling

28.07.12 105.jpg
throw the stick!

28.07.12 111.jpg
sloppy chops :)

Leaving the Lochan, the path continues gently down with great views to Loch Ordie and over to Schiehallion.

28.07.12 119.jpg
looking towards Schiehallion

28.07.12 125.jpg
Schiehallion up close

Soon this path crosses the track that skirts round the side of Deuchary Hill. At this point, you have a choice of turning right (North East) to head down to Loch Ordie, carrying straight on (down a very faint path through the heather) to join the main tarmaced track to Loch Ordie/back to Cally Car Park, or turning left (South) to follow the high path that contours Deuchary Hill. The latter is a very scenic route and my preferred option to the main path unless visiting Dowally and Rotmell Lochs. It also avoids the sheep!

28.07.12 137.jpg
heading back round contour path

28.07.12 143.jpg
cheeky Corrie :)

Then it's just a hop, skip and a jump down passed Mill Dam (avoiding scary ducks) and back to the car park. A grand wee option for a shortish day :D

Re: Sunshine, Showers and Scary Ducks!

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:26 pm
by Huff_n_Puff
I love the moody photos of the rain clouds. A great walk - brings back fond memories :D :D

Re: Sunshine, Showers and Scary Ducks!

PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:17 pm
by madasa mongoose
Thanks HnP :D I do love stormy rain clouds. Just wish they didn't rain when my jacket's hiding in the bottom of my sack! :lol: