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PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:25 pm
by mitchell1982
Well what can I say, we planned to do this hill on the 1st of August and we just hoped for good weather on the day. But this was not to be. We started from the braes of Foss car park at 9.15am. The hill was covered in cloud from about 800ft. We met one other walker, she set off only about 100m ahead of us. As we reached the cloud we could no longer see the other walker ahead of us. Visibility was only about 30-50ft.
I was a bit disappointed that we would miss the views today, but also very keen to bag only my second Munro, Jonsie's first Munro. So we trudged on up the hill. The wind was blowing the cloud across the hill from east to west. One side of us was soaked the other side dry. The path was so easy to follow we had no concerns about keeping going.
We stopped for a breather beside a big boulder just off the path and a shelter from the wind about 5 mins before the boulder field. As we sat there for a couple of minutes, the other walker came back down and stopped to speak to us, She said she had turned back as she didn't want to attempt the boulder field with the bad visibility. Jonsie and I had a (quick think) :roll: about it and decided we would plough on up to the boulder field and see what we thought. Once we got to the boulder field I decided to save the location of the path on my sat nav which I was not keen on leaving in the carpark. Perfect I thought, If we struggle to find the path on the way back down we can put the sat nav on and it will lead us to the path Simples. Up the boulder field we went, reached a cairn, just at this point I spotted something red flying to the west... (my sack cover) luckily it stuck to a rock an I got it back on my rucksack (much tighter this time) Further up there was a second cairn. After this there was another hill to climb. Because of the bad visibility I am not sure we reached the actual summit?!? Anyway I hope we did. We sheltered in the top cairn had a quick cup of tea to heat the insides up and made our descent. Found the path no problem without the sat nav :clap: We got the views on of Kinnloch Rannoch on the way back down though as the cloud had lifted a bit. Great day out and a good bit of experience for getting covered in cloud.