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Sgor na h Ulaidh and the race of the Feinne

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2012 8:06 pm
by Collaciotach
Dis athairne/Saturday found us in Gleann Comhan "the glen of the dogs" where the Feinn fought their battles with the Lochlannach.

It is said that forty shield lined galleys brought the Vikings to the field of Achnacone and that the battle was merciless ,fought in the shadow of Sgorr na Fhionnaidh, named for the warriors of the Feinn who slew the Norse in great numbers, driving them back into the sea at Laroch.

Aonach Eigeach

Our climb was to take in Sgor na h Ulaidh and Meall Lighiche using the track up Gleann Leac a Mhuidhe "the glen of slate and churn" where MacIain of Clan Donald had his summer house in the year 1692.

Sealtainn air ais

Today the climb up to Creag Bhan is steep and unrelenting a wet slippery route but good sealtainn are quickly had on the approach to Meall Lighiche

Gleann Leac a Mhuidhe

Aonach Eigeach is an "beinn" air ais

Druim Meall Lighiche

Bha an t side gle mhath gu dearbh agus sealtainn gu leor againnsa :D

Sgor na h Ulaidh

Soon we had the sight of Sgur na h Ulaidh as we headed along the druim onto the mullach of Meall Lighiche a grand viewpoint indeed

Mullach is sealtainn Iar

An Cu

We spent a wee while on the summit enjoying the early morning sun before heading back and down onto the bealach it is a steep climb up onto Sgor na h Ulaidh !

Gleann Creran

On this foine morning it was easy picking a route suas .... a word of caution though if the weather was wet the place would be very sleamhag (Slippery) !

Sealtainn is clach

There are a lot of good hand holds to be had on this steep ascent and we were soon on the druim below the summit

Mullach Sgor na h Ulaidh

A fine peak this one,stunning views all round it is steep though with good drops all around into the Gleann below

Sios !

Beinn a Bheither

Mullach is Bidean air cuil

Beinn Sgulaird

Loch Eite is cruachan air cuil

It was off with the brogan at the cárn so hot was the sun with a wee lie down for 45mins to get the feet a rest. When eventually we shifted our tón it was along the Aonach Dubhe a Ghlinne with a crystal clear Bidean nam Bian and Bheinn Maol Challuim in full view

An Druim is Bidean

druim Bheinn Maol Chalium

We took a few minutes on the high point at the cárn on Aonach Dubhe a Ghlinne before taking a route to descend into the Muidhe again

Sealtainn air ais

It is rough steep country in Gleann Leac na Mhuidhe and on the night of 13th February 1692 it was an escape route for the people of Clan Iain Abraich from the sharp baynot's of the Caimbealach militia as they attempted to expirate the seed of Iain Og a Fraoch.

The greatest number of swordsmen raised by this small tribe was 150 men which indicates a population of 500 would have been settled in the surrounding dúthaich around the year of 1692 when the Caimbealach were quartered on the gallows herd

What the red coated soldiers started in 1692 sheep would finish 150 years later and the people of John of the heather would be gone from the valley of the dogs the last resting place of the race of the Feinne.

An Cu dubh

Re: Sgor na h Ulaidh and the race of the Feinne

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:16 pm
by rockhopper
You certainly got a great day for it :thumbup: and an interesting history lesson - didn't know that about the Vikings - cheers :D

Re: Sgor na h Ulaidh and the race of the Feinne

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:52 pm
by Johnny Corbett
Lovely photos of a great walk. It's certainly a steep day out this round :wink: