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our skye adventure day 1

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:49 pm
by mr_mrsH
we had been looking forward to our week on skye for what seemed like an age. we had a few munros looked out that were possible on our own without the need for a guide.
we arrived on saturday after a few mishaps on the way, had to tie up the bikes on the roofrack again, had to stop in fort william to buy waterproof trousers, we were half way there before we had realised we'd left them at home, must have been the excitement :)

day 1 Sunday 29th July
munro- Bla Bheinn
time taken-4.5 hours
distance-5.5 miles

the forecast for sunday said that it would be sunshine and showers so we thought, what the hell lets go for it.
arrived at the car park near Loch Slapin at about 11.30 with tops just slightly covered in cloud and just a light drizzle causing the hastily bought waterproofs to be donned but after a couple of hundred meters the jackets were of, it was warm.
mrsH on her way

view back to Loch slapin

the way ahead

negotiating the water obstacle

the path up was clear and easy to follow until it reaches Fionna-choire where it heads straight on, and as per WH instructions we didn't go that way instead we went right on a piece of high ground and slowly made our way around to the right to pick up the path again, it can be seen further ahead, further on we headed for a gully on our right which involved a bit of scrambling.
some moderate scrambling required

got to the summit after 2.5 hrs and met 3 other walkers who said that the top had just cleared briefly.
we had a quick bite to eat and hung around for a while to see if it would clear again, no luck :(
then a quick summit photo and headed back down.
summit snap

we had a couple of heavy showers on the way down which turned the paths we were on before into torrents
but as billy connelly says "there's no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing"
got back to the car and changed our boots and socks, this was the only time we were bothered by the dreaded midgies, either there were very little midgies or skin so soft is terrific stuff.

and so ends day 1 of our Skye adventure, more to come.

Re: our skye adventure day 1

PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:48 pm
by gammy leg walker
Very nice indeed.