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Cairnwell Munros

PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2012 7:57 pm
by U059361
Participants: Joe and Isabel
Weather: Windy with cloud and sunny spells to start, cloud coming down over all tops at end, very dull.
Route: Ski Tracks, Worn path all the rest of the way
Wildlife: frogs in wet areas, mountain hares at Carn a'Gheoidh
Special Interest: How much impact skiing has on the slopes, with fences, ski tows, tracks etc.

Pretty much followed the trail as per WH route except for the end, with cloud coming down, we stuck to the ski tracks back to the car park, which explains the extra mileage. It is easier walking for us anyway.
Beautiful day if always windy on Carn Aosda. At Carn a'Gheoidh the top was cloud covered, at Cairnwell it was clear but very dull and on the way down it finally gave in to cloud as well and disappeared.
Glad we got a successful walk done without problem.