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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:09 pm
by dektasker
Andy and I set off early from home and got to the braes of foss car park just after 9am in the morning. We happily paid the £2 parking fee and initially thought what a small car park but more than happy to help towards the cost of maintenance. More about the car park later. We choose Schiehallion as Andy is still building up his confidence and stamina. We had read the reports and this is a good choice. The John Muir trust has done an excellent job of developing the path which corkscrews the route to the summit very nicely.

I checked out their website ( ) and think their vision is inspirational and hope to do something more positive to help the trust in the near future.

The path is steep in areas and but in good conditions. The path make the walk very enjoyable for most of the journey till the boulders just over 2 thirds of the way up.

Andy and I had excellent weather to start with. The views are great and I think we got a fair bit of luck.

You pass some old sheepfanks on the way up and not surprisingly a few sheep. This is a great photo of the sheep.
The sheep.jpg

They all looked at Andy and I collectively as if to say, never seen you before and what are you doing here? Weird.

After a bit of height you get some excellent views of loch tummel and I think dunalastair reservoir.
The views looking east.jpg

As you walk up you think the summit is near, however this is deceptive. The summit is a bit further on and you will cross a boulder field to reach it. There are some clear markings where others have gone before you but the summit on a good day is easy to view. Once at the summit the views are excellent. The Cairn at the summit is not what you expect
but stunning views to loch Rannoch and loch tummel more than make up for it. and

On the way down we were amazed at just how many people were up walking this hill. People of all ages and abilities, walking at their own pace. This is mainly due to the excellent path that the John Muir trust have laid and maintained. It took just as long to come down as it did to go up. So many people, busier than Aberfeldy high street. Well done to them. I met an old friend that I had not seen for 15 to 20 years on the walk back to the car park. We walked past each other and turned around together, like some form of dance. It was great to see Graham and do a little bit of catching up. You do meet people in the most unlikely places.

Once back at the car park we were both amazed at how many cars you can actually fit into such a compact space. There were more than 25 car in that park and we must have passed 50 to 60 people on the way down. This is a great munro to walk and one I recommend especially if you want a good path that can be taxing but not too strenuous. The link below is to my Schiehallion folder on flickr . There are a few more photos here to look at if you wish. I usually put all m links to my pictures of walks on twitter @dektasker before I write the blog.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:45 pm
by funkyandy
As usual dek a very descriptive narative of our great day out up shiehallion,beautifull day for a beautifull chancde to take in some stunning scenery all captured on camera,and my iphone which i must admit is more than adequate for the job.

Looking forward to our next one,bring it on as they say.