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Ben Loyal from the east

PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:17 am
One from earlier this year.

Took advantage of the blistering hot week in May (temps in the mid 20s) to head up from Grantown on Spey and tick off another Corbett. My plan was to attempt it from the north but as I drove along the loch and saw the summit of An Casteil beckoning the temptation was too great so I parked by the cottage and followed the rough track due west towards the ridge. Probbaly not a good idea in normal Scottish conditions (i.e. wet) as the bog would be a real pain, but the previous week of dry and hot weather made for fairly pleasant I aimed for the southern top of Ben Loyal and about 90 minutes after leaving the car was on the top. Passing over the intervening top I made my way to the highest point and after a very easy scramble was able to survey the incredible views that you get so far north. After about 15 minutes of this I headed back to the bealach and down the slopes and back to my car. Definitely worth considering as a route but only in dry weather.

March June 2012 115.JPG

March June 2012 125.JPG