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Ben Ime Difference a overnight can make

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:26 pm
by Peter913
Well after a heads up from a member here the hills were white free then i decided to go up on ben Ime today my 56th munro we headed out at 845 from glasgow city where i found nice weather blue skys sunshine and dry

Heading up the a82 we spotted snow on Ben Lomond then further up the cobbler the leader decided to do Ben Ime from the carpark on the Rest be thankfull to save time plus the snow

Got there and it was rain but it went off and 1st section turned out clear then i couldent see from the saddle to the top so no views from the peak was bitterly cold all day gave me a chance to try out my new jacket i got last week once we got up wee retraced our steps back down was very wet and sliddy

We got back at 1530 only to meet two folk heading up at that time to start maddys they where with ice axe and a rope climbing in the dark rather them than me

as always comments welcome on my images