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From high visibility to no visibility, Broad law speaking.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:44 pm
by meangarry
The plan for todays walk was supposed to be an up early and catch the sunrise job, however the weather seen that off. So Broad Law was chosen again for its easy navigation in poor visibility. This would be Callums second Corbett and a big change from his first. Today we got no views. :( Although it was still alot of fun. :)
Our route was simple, follow the track from hearthstanes to the top and back down. The track was a little icy in places and a lot snowy in others. Deep hard packed drifts filled all the ditches and piled up against fences and walls. It wasn't too cold although my hair froze. :?
DSCF3020 (640x480).jpg
Corbett number two for Callum.
DSC_0143 (640x360).jpg
Frozen Hair!
On the way to take a look at the radio mast we had a laugh on the drifts.
DSC_0158 (640x360).jpg
Sitting on the fence?
DSC_0155 (360x640).jpg
DSC_0152 (640x360).jpg
Deep drifts
And again on the way back down more fun was had with a wee atv. There was a bucket in the back with tools frozen into the water. The lights worked. Don't worry we switched them off!
DSC_0167 (640x360).jpg
The lights worked!
DSC_0164 (640x360).jpg
Broom broom! :-D
Again another fine walk close to home. Keeping the fitness up for some munros in the near future. Its great being out in the elements having a laugh at yourself too. :lol: