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Stuchd an Lochain & Meall Buidhe

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 6:54 pm
by bthom8465
We parked just short of the dam & made our way up across the bridge over the Allt Conait before heading up the S end of the dam where the road becomes a track. A small cairn marks the start of a very wet path uphill [gaiters are essential] after an initial short climb the path levels out,then turns SW & becomes quite steep over mixed terrain till you reach Creag an Fheadain,from here a line of fence posts running E to W run up to the cairn on this top before the path & posts turn & drop onto a bealach below Sron Chona Choirein, from the bealach start upwards towards Sron Chona Choirein.
The path then veers W away from the fenceposts & the going gets a wee bit easier,follow the path below Sron Chona Choireins summit till you meet up with the fenceposts again on the bealach below Stuchd an Lochain & a wee push up onto the summit.
We decided to descend exactly the way we had come up due to the hillside being really wet & boggy,upon reaching the dam we walked along the path to the N side of the dam & followed the path up across a track
& onto a well trodden path going straight uphill until you reach the heather,the path splits into two,each in turn leading to the summit,we chose the path to the W up through the heather before reaching a more obvious path which then merges with a path running from the E @ around 800m,from here a short,sharp
climb onto the plateau of Meall Buidhe before finally reaching the large cairn @ the summit.
Time for some lunch before retracing our steps back down to the dam,a very enjoyable day [note to myself remember gaiters @ all times] :lol: