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Ben Lawers

PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:41 pm
by David Lyall
Ben Lawers : Saturday 15 August
walked witht he lang Craigs walking group, this is there report.
Leaders - The Three Ladies
The poor weather report did not deter the keen walkers from meeting up at the car park. Even Harry and
Cathy had come fresh from Italy for the occasion –well Cathy had to as she was one of the leaders. We
set off, picking up Cath at Tarbet and were joined at Ben Lawers car park by our third leader along with
yet another club stalwart.
We dressed for a damp start and there was a chill feel to the air.
Following the path we headed for Beinn Ghlas which was in a mist. We found a sheltered spot for a
coffee break although the mountain goat had rushed ahead, “ I want to be alone” and was eventually
discovered camouflaged by a cape sitting at the side of a rock. It was very misty on the top of Beinn
Ghlas so we quickly headed for Lawers, at which point the mist cleared and we had views down to
Lochan nan Cat and Loch Tay. We had a sheltered cold break but the wind on the way down to the col
was extremely strong – I’m talking about the weather Tom!!
The wind eased off and while most of the group were happy to cut round the side of Beinn Ghlas, our
‘extreme’ walker (likes to do several hills at a time) decided to run quickly over the top again and met us
half way along the path below Beinn Ghlas.
The weather picked up as we sauntered back to the Visitors Centre car park.
We all met up again at the very busy coffee shop in Killin, glad that we had made the effort.
The girls would like to thank all who joined them, ate their sweeties and participated in the jolly banter.
Thanks to all
The Girlies

Re: Ben Lawers

PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:51 pm
by mountain coward
We considered that path around Ben Ghlas on the return from Ben Lawers but opted to go back over the summit for 2 reasons - one was it seemed just as easy (certainly shorter) - but the main reason was 'cos we'd had clag all the way round and it just cleared as we descended to the col before BG...